About Jo

Hello, my name is Jo, and I’d like to tell you a little about us and our dogs and how this site came to be.

My family started out in the Netherlands (Holland). When I was four, we moved to Africa

During our twelve years there, we had a Boxer, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, and then a pedigreed Dachshund (“Mitsu”).

My hubby, Stan, grew up in the Midwest with a succession of beautiful pedigreed Collies

After we got married, we tried out a few rescue dogs but didn’t know how to handle their behavioral issues and returned them to their origins. 

We finally decided on a puppy and acquired Fuzzy Bear (“F.B.” for short), a cute black Lab mix who lived with us for thirteen years.

Comet the German Shepard

We took Comet to an obedience training class where he was so difficult to handle that the instructor predicted we’d never be able to have him off leash anywhere. Luckily it turned out she was wrong… He spent many years hiking off-leash in the mountains and other outdoor places with us. In town, he’d race me off-leash in the park on my bicycle, or we’d play hide-and-seek.

Since he was a very high energy dog, and we didn’t always feel like walking him, I came up with some different devices to give him exercise. One was the Whipwhir, and the other was the B-Loop. These two items, and the desire to share photos of Comet, were what got me started on this website.

Pebble the Chiweenie

The week before he died, we were feeling low because of Comet’s continuing health issues, so acquired a four-year-oldChiweenie or Dachshund-Chihuahua mix, named Pebble. Her owners were giving her away at a garage sale to keep her out of the pound. 

We think that Comet felt he had permission to go; he was leaving us in safe paws. She made Comet’s loss easier to bear being a great little dog to have around.