How to Make a Bicycle Attachment for Exercising Your Dog

Bicycle exercise with dogs can be a wonderful way to give dogs a good workout since you can go faster and further than when walking.

The good news is there’s no need to buy an expensive product to make it safe to exercise your dog from a bicycle.

The B-Loop

Jo developed the B-Loop after she had a crash exercising Comet. She was holding his leash in her hand, when he saw a cat and lunged.

Instantly, she was down on the ground with blood spurting out of a big gash in her leg. Fortunately, it wasn’t her head! Obviously, the hand method wasn’t working… 

So Jo developed the simple B-Loop. She weighs about 130 lbs and found that when the leash was attached low down on the stem of her bicycle, even 92-lb Fudge couldn’t pull her over with a sudden move.

The B-Loop she designed (instructions below) makes it quick and easy to hook your dog to a bicycle. All you need are a length of nylon webbing, a metal snap, a leash and a harness. If you have a leash and harness already, it will cost you about USD 4 max.

Wendy from Minnesota wrote us:

April 2011:
Today I made your “B-Loop” for bicycling with my dog. Ollie, an Aussie/Lab of 55 lb & almost 1 yo, took to it immediately. I used a no-pull harness on him, and we had NO problems with balance or pulling. He made a few attempts to cross in front and behind the bike and did not like the results, so I think he’ll stop that after a few rides. His leash is 6 ft, which was way more slack than was good for this, so I wrapped the excess around the bike frame between the B-loop and the handlebars. Worked great. 

After a couple slow trips up the block and back, Ollie had it all figured out and I had to keep up with him! He loved being able to RUN. Thank you for coming up with a very low-cost alternative to the pricey “real” equipment. 

Ideally, your dog should wear a harness (see Custom Dog Harness to make your own) when doing bicycle exercise with dogs rather than having the leash attached to his or her collar. Yanking on dogs’ necks can cause them physical problems.

Bicycle Exercise with Dogs:
B-Loop Instructions

Simple attachment to connect to your bicycle to exercise your dog.


  • 15 minutes with a sewing machine, 30 by hand
  • Jo was able to sew webbing on regular sewing machine settings


  • 1.5″ inch nylon webbing 14″ long (Approx 40 mm by 350 mm)
  • Heavy duty snap link


  • Fold over End One of webbing 3″ (75mm) from the end
  • Sew end onto the main piece of webbing in a rectangular pattern with an X in the middle, creating a loop
  • Fold over End Two, 3″ (75 cm) from its end
  • Sew together to make a loop as with End One

You should now have webbing piece with a loop on each end

  • Thread one loop around the front bicycle stem above the fork
  • Make sure it does not interfere with your brake cable
  • Take your heavy-duty snap link and attach through both loops
  • You can now attach a tug line or thread a leash through the snap


Always keep SAFETY in mind – for details on using the B-Loop, go to the IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS on our Dog Bike Leash page.