How to Build a Dog Wheelchair

Build a dog wheelchair with our Dogge Chariot Plans and give your dog a chance to live longer! 

No more agonizing dilemmas such as, “We don’t have the money” or “No one wants a paralyzed dog – I’ll have to put her down.” 

Our Dogge Chariot Plans are designed to help dogs from 25 to 50 lbs who have rear leg issues.

The video at right shows Hope using the Dogge Chariot. 

This can be modified for gender, height, length and allows for a rear suspension bar for dogs with complete rather than partial paralysis – see Testimonials below.

What the Dogge Chariot Plans Offer

  • A way for your dog to quickly regain mobility for approximately USD 85.
  • Receive a 25-page booklet with step-by-step instructions and photos to build a dog wheelchair that is fully adjustable and therefore resalable.
  • Find out where to find the parts and materials. 
  • Create sturdy axles
  • Customize the wheel chair to your dog’s condition, height, length and gender. See Testimonials below for how some owners have adapted the wheelchair plans for their dogs.


Did you know that we sell 5 different plans:

For a limited time, we are selling ALL 5 plans for just $19.97!

Note: To build a dog wheelchair that provides four-wheel support for heavier dog, we also have the Dogge Buggy™ plans.

Build a Dog Wheelchair: Testimonials

beagle using a dog wheelchair

Dan F. from Moody AFB, Georgia:
Thank you so much for sharing your plans, Ole Hoosier is up and going all over place.  We did make some minor changes since he has short little legs.

[Dan not only sent us this photo of Hoosier but also gave us permission to use some photos of his modifications in the plans – thanks a bunch Dan!]

Michael T. from Omaha, NE 

medium sized dog using dog wheelchair.

Just wanted to let you know I was able to make a Dogge Chariot from your plans. 

I estimate my cost at between 60 and 70 dollars. Attached are some pictures.

My dog is a 12 year old female shepherd-beagle mix who has lost much of the use of her back legs.

She was not happy about getting into it the first couple of times, but when she realized that she got to do her second most favorite activity (next to eating), she is now eager to walk again, which makes us happy.

Deanna L. from Blaine, MN:
First, I wanted to thank you for the plans. I did have to make some minor modifications for my dog based on parts availability (couldn’t find any 3/4″ ABS pipe in my area), but the whole thing has worked out fine and she motors around the house in the wheelchair. 

My dog used to do pet therapy work before her mobility problems. With the permission of the assisted living facility, I recently took her on a pet therapy visit in her wheelchair. The residents just went nutsover the fact that the dog needed the same “help” as they did. Even better, my dog was thrilled to be “working” again and have that interaction. 

Toni B. fom Victorville, California – Tinker’s Story

Thank you so much for your quick service and for offering these plans, period. Our 13-year-old Corgi was hit by a car and suffered a right dislocated hip and a left broken pelvis. She is having surgery Tuesday and doc thinks she will be able to walk again after rehabilitation with a cart. We are keeping our fingers crossed for her but, even if not, at least she will be able to get around like she’s used to. We’ll let you know the outcome.

…Tinker got through the surgery fine and the stitches come out Friday. I can’t tell you how much we have appreciated her “buggy” [Dogge Chariot], although she may argue. She has adapted to it and it has helped to strengthen her front as well as her back legs to the point she is able to stand and take a couple of steps without it; wobbly, but steps just the same. And we just grin like loons when she does.

She’s not running and I don’t expect her to as the only time she ran before the accident was to herd crows flying over our property :-), but we’ll take her no matter how she is, walking or not…we know she wouldn’t be where she is without her buggy and we were simply stumped without your plans to build a dog wheelchair. Best wishes forever!