How to Make Your Own Dog Treats on the Cheap

Make cheap dog treats with our easy dog treat recipes! 

Just because they’re inexpensive, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice dog health or your time. 

When you make these cheap dog treats, you control the ingredients!

No need to forego taste. Comet didn’t care that his treats weren’t brand name items; he just knew they tasted good!

No Bake Dog Treats

German Shepard chewing on a cheap homemade dog treat.
Comet loved this frozen chewie made out of low sodium chicken bouillon and an old sock

We know that dogs often like to eat what their owners are munching on. Somehow it just has to taste better, in their minds!

So I created several nutritious no-bake recipes that you and your dogmay be able to share:

Some of these easy dog treat recipes include veggies and fruits, some use dairy products, and a few include whole grains.

It’s a good idea to limit portions as well as the number of treats even if the treats are healthy, to prevent obesity and it’s associated diseases such as heart and joint problems. 

When you make your own no-bake treats, your costs are likely to be lower, so you can truly say you’re making cheap dog treats! You also have the best control over ingredients, whether you bake the treats or not.

Baked Dog Treats

If you do prefer to bake, here are a couple of biscuit recipesinvolving cheese.

Stuffed Marrow Bones were a favorite with all of our dogs.

If you have a good cookie dough recipe, either for humans or for dogs, you may want to see my instructions for making your own plastic dog cookie cutter. Make your own unique shapes such as a dog’s head or dog outline, dog cartoon characters, a doghouse, a dog paw or a bone, or anything else dog related! 

Then make the dough, cut out the shapes, bake them, and add them to a dog treat gift jar or basket or fill a treat can.

Lastly, consider these fun recipes for making healthy dog cakesdog cake spreads, and toppers.

Submit Your Recipe for Cheap Dog Treats

We love adding new recipes to our site! Simply click here and send us your latest healthy dog related recipe… We will edit, if need be, and add it where it fits.

Below is a sample sent to us by one of our visitors.

Chewy Treat by Savani from Georgia  

Squash some meat and roll a bone in it then put bacon on it. 

[Sounds like dogs would find this yummy, Savani! However, we would suggest leaving off the bacon, or using only a teeny tiny piece, as the fat may cause some dogs serious problems.]

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