Homemade Chuck It Dog Toy Ideas

Chuck it dog toys are a lot of fun for dogs!

However, they can become expensive and you just might want to make your own. Several visitors to our site have done just that. Their ideas are below… (Note: Similar ideas have been grouped together.)

Chuck It Dog Toys Using Rope

Take a swing ball or drill a hole through a tennis ball. Then attach a rope and make it secure. You can now fire the tennis ball miles and due to the turning action the dog gets more excited!

Make a chuck it toy with a small ball and rope
homemade chuck it toy made from tennis ball and rope.

Drill a hole through the middle of a tennis ball. String some rope through the hole, tie knots at the end and you’re done! Woof! Woof!

Another option is to add a handle at one end as shown at right. We used a sharp knife to cut the holes instead of a drill – just be very careful – always be aware of where the blade will end up if it slips!

Chuck It Dog Toy Using Stockings

Nylon Tennis Ball Toy by Rachael from the USA

My family and I are expecting a puppy in about 2 weeks!

I was bored today, so I made a simple toy, for a present. First I cut off a foot of a stocking, then stuck a tennis ball through it. I knotted both ends a few times. I hope this is a good toy for it, but I’ll see!

Tennis tights dog ball toy by Megan from Broadview Heights, Ohio

1 pair of tights
1 tennis ball
1 pair of scissors

How to make it:
1. Cut one of the legs off the pair of tights
2. Put the tennis ball inside the tight leg
3. Tie a knot in the tight leg after you put the tennis ball in
4. Have fun with your dog by throwing the tennis tights dog ball toy!

Chuck It Made From Socks

Ball ‘n Sock Dog Toy by Olivia from Coppell, Texas

Chuck it toy made from socks.

1. Find any bouncy ball preferably a tennis ball
2. Find an old or new but long, durable sock
3. Put the ball into the sock and tie a knot next to the ball
4. Throw your toy and watch your dog fetch it your dog will like this toy especially because the sock makes it easier for them to pick up.
5. Have fun!

Viki G. of Bryceville, Florida, responded to this idea as follows: 

Great fun! My dog, Mildred Isabella, LOVES this toy!

Tennis Ball in Sock by Laina from New Jersey

I made this homemade dog toy for my Dachshund and she loves it! First you take a sock that was orphaned or bought specially for this craft. Then you take a tennis ball and put it in the sock, it should be by the “toe”. Finally knot the sock by the ball so it can’t come out. 

Now you have a fun toy you can throw with the “leg” of the sock and your pet can bring it with them very easily.

Like the above idea, which is basically the same but written up differently, this seems to be a favorite with visitors. Comments received include:

I have a daschund too! I made him this toy, and he absolutely loves it 🙂 Thanks! (Lindsey)

Thanks for the great toy idea! My dog just loved it! (Stephanie)

My dog loves that chuck it dog toy! I also made more and donated them to the animal shelter! They were sooo happy; I think they sold some of them and kept some for the dogs’ cages. My dog always brings it in her kennel and walks around with it in her mouth! (Anonymous)