How to Make Crocheted Dog Leg Warmers

Crocheted dog leg warmers or socks are quite easy to make because you’re just making a tube from a rectangular piece of work.

This means anyone from a beginner to an expert with the crochet hook can make at least one of these!

One of Comet's crocheted dog leg warmers.

Although the basic design is simple, the variety of dog socks you can make is virtually limitless due to the different yarns and crochet patterns from which to choose.

Instructions for Crocheting Dog Leg Warmers

Finished dog leg warmer with dog wearing it.

The instructions that follow were used to crochet a dog sock for our German Shepherd mix, Comet

He actually tolerated wearing this, perhaps because I tried to make it as comfortable as possible.


  • Select your yarn. You will need about a third to half a skein for each leg warmer. A thinner yarn may be more comfortable for your dog.
  • Measure by creating a string of single-chain stitches.
  • Wrap them around the widest part of your dog’s foreleg.
  • Pull the stitches fairly snug; then take off any extras beyond where the two ends meet. (I used 18 stitches for Comet’s dog sock.)

As mentioned, you do not have to follow the pattern below but can create your own. 

Check after a couple of rows to make sure you are not creating too loose a leg warmer. It’s better that it be a little too narrow than too wide as crocheted projects tend to be stretchy.


Have ready the number of stitches you need to go around your dog’s leg. 

  1. Turn, chain 3, then do triple crochet all the way across, starting at the second chain from the hook.*
  2. Turn, chain 3, and do a second row of triple crochet.
  3. Turn, chain 1, single crochet all the way across.
  4. Repeat rows until one inch (25mm) from the length you want.
  5. Turn, chain 3, triple crochet across.
  6. Turn, chain 3, triple crochet across and bind off, leaving enough yarn for the seam.

* Important: For a smoother weave, insert through one loop, not two, when picking up the yarn from the previous row.


  1. Try the sock on your dog to see if it’s wide enough. If not, add a row or two of single crochet along one edge to make it wider.
  2. Use a sewing needle or your crochet hook to join the two edges in as flat a seam as possible.
  3. Add decoration in contrasting yarn. The writing shown in the photo was created by taking a string of chain stitches and then sewing it on. Consider using embroidery stitches instead of chain stitch.

Well, that’s all there is to it when you make crocheted dog leg warmers. 

Simply slip them over your dog’s paws and enjoy the result! 

Prefer to Knit?

I also have a knitted version made for Comet. See Knitted Dog Leg Warmers for the instructions.