DIY Big Bad Wolf Dog Costume

This two-in-one dog costume is great for huskies, collies, fluffy & large wolf looking dogs. 

Below you will find easy to follow instructions on how to build a Grandma costume from Little Red Riding Hood for your dog.

Grandma costume from Little Red Riding Hood for dog.
Another picture of dog dressed up in the Grandma costume from the big bad wolf.


  • Shower cap
  • Glasses
  • U shaped hairband
  • Large to extra large women’s snap housecoat. 


  1. The hairband will ride across the dog’s forehead & in front of the ears.
  2. You want to place the hair band where it will ride comfortably on the head.
  3. Next, set the glasses where you want them; then mark the hairband with chalk for where to glue it. (Do not use the hot glue gun near your dog!)
  4. Hot glue the glasses to the hairband where you marked it; then using the cool setting on the hot glue gun attach the shower cap to the hairband on the sides and across the front. Note that if the shower cap elastic makes it too tight for a good fit – it can be cut at the back. 
  5. Once the shower cap is glued in place, you can then cut holes in the shower cap for the dog’s ears to peek through.  
  6. (Optional: If your dog likes to shake things off his or her head, you can add a piece of elastic across the bottom of the hairband.) 


  1. Buy a large or extra-large women’s snap housecoat.
  2. Put your dog’s front paws through the armholes.
  3. Snap the first few buttons. 

Here’s a no-sew option:

Tie the bottom corners of the coat together so it does not drag on the ground. 

Sew option:

Cut down the middle of the back of the housecoat to size it down to fit the chest diameter of your dog. 

If the length is too long it can be cut, sewn or stapled to shorten it. 

What a simple but very creative costume idea, Sharon! Thank you for the excellent description as well as the great photos. I was wondering how you were able to get the glasses to stay on and what the clothing was made from!

We’ll be sharing one of the photos on our home page for November 2015, as well as our Facebook page, and I’m sure folks will be circulating them on Pinterest as well.  

Since you provided sufficient information as well as pictures with your directions, this will replace part of the Wolf and Red Riding Hood page on our website. 

Again thank you for sharing this super costume!