DIY Dog Accessories and Apparel

Houndstooth fabric can be used to make dog accessories

Make life easier with the right dog accessories!

This section is a catch-all for anything related to making things for dogs that didn’t quite fit elsewhere.

Dog Bandanas and Scarves

How about adding a little flair with our easy-to-make dog bandanas? You can make one out of a single layer of fabric or a sturdier one out of two layers. 

German Shepard dog showing off his homemade bandana.

The double layers can be turned into a two-in-one bandanna by using different fabrics for each side!

For other neck gear, see our free dog scarf ideas.

Dog Booster Seat

Looking to make a booster seat for your car so your small dog can safely see where you’re going? Here’s the Raised Doggie Car Seat that one of our visitors, Nanci, made for her rat terrier. To add your contribution, see the form below.

Dog Bows

Fur accessories, such as dog bows, are simple to make and often tolerated better by dogs that don’t like to wear dog clothes.

Cheryl, with two special Yorkies, can attest to how much fun they are to make.

Dog Bowls

No skid DIY dog bowls

No Skid Dog Bowls are dog accessories that don’t have to cost you anything extra because they can so easily be made from reusable materials.

These bowls prevent your pet’s food bowl from sliding all over the place when he or she is trying to eat.

Comet used to end up with his in some corner halfway underneath a cupboard until we figured out how to solve this problem!

Dog Cap or Hat

Hats and caps make great dog accessories! I have a number of ideas on our dog party hats pages that can be adapted for costumes or regular wear.

However, here’s an ultra simple idea someone gave us:

  • First you get an ordinary baseball hat.
  • Cut some holes in it for his/her ears and decorate it. Not hard at all….!!!

Dog ID Tag – Customized

Are you worried about your dog getting lost or escaping, especially if your dog needs regular medication or has a personality that could be misunderstood? For peace of mind, make one of our customized Free Dog Tags, single- or double-sided.

Dog Diapers

For patterns for diapers and other accessory items, please see our Dog Accessories board on Pinterest.

Homemade Dog Jewelry

This is a popular item with owners who like to pamper or show off their pets. We’ve started off with a project that even kids can make, an Easy Dog Necklace.

If you’ve made some dog jewelry and would like to show it off, please enter the info here!

DIY dog socks

Dog Socks, Booties and Leg Supports

Dog socks or dog leg warmers are dog accessories that can be knitted or crocheted to keep a bandage in place or all four of your dog’s legs warm, and can be made to match a sweater or coat. 

Even simpler is to craft them out of old socks as Annie, one of our young site visitors did – “i made my pug twinkie socks by just cutting off the feet from my socks and just using the long part for leg warmers. we usually go on walks in the morning when its freezing so she is all bundled up now! yay!

birdie.babe from Queensland, Australia said essentially the same thing:  I’ve used old baby socks as shoes for my friend’s small dog, Lou Lou. If your dog is mainly an inside dog, make sure you take their shoes/socks off before they go outside to do their business or have a little runaround. If you have an outside dog, make sure you have a secure and strong bottom of the sock or just use cute shoes so it can run properly:)

Geraldine from Australia has created leg supports for her German Shepherd who has degenerative myelopathy.

Booties are other dog accessories that can be made to protect a dog’s paws from rough terrain such as sharp rocks or things such as very hot sand and rocks or snow and ice. Like dog socks, they can also be more decorative than functional. Create your own out of duct tape (put sticky sides together) and Velcro. For a pattern made out of fabric, go to, and for further valuable information about booties, visit

A word of caution, however. Never use rubber bands to keep socks or booties on a dog. See the reason why here.

Dog Sunglasses

Dog Sunglasses may help a dog who has had eye surgery or has some other problem where light hurts the eyes. You may also feel that since you wear sunglasses regularly for your eye protection, your dog deserves the same kind of care.

Dog Vests

Do you have a dog that provides therapy in nursing homes or at a library? Simply make a therapy dog vest yourself.

Note that the pattern also works for other types of vests and can even be used as the top of a doggie dress. Just extend the bottom edges so they meet in the middle instead of using the thin strap, and add a skirt!

Scoops for Poop

If your dog spends much time out in the yard, you know that doggie doo accumulates and needs to be cleaned up. 

The good news is that there’s no need to spend a lot on commercial dog accessories to accomplish this chore. In fact, you can quickly make homemade pooper scoopers from household repurposed household items.

Toilet Roll Protector

If your dog is one of those that likes to unravel a roll of toilet paper while you’re sleeping or away at work, Elena from San Francisco came up with an ingenious solution for her Papillon’s antics.

Contribute Your Ideas!

We have contributions from all over the world (see below)! 

One example is the dog collar below made by Ciara from France.

homemade dog collar

Another is the Doggy Leg Warmers as described by Danielle in Canada:

“I made my Wire Fox Terrier Charlie some leg warmers by taking a pair of old white socks cutting the top off so it will reach to the knees and then I tried it on him. At first he was sniffing them a bit but after 2 minutes he’s already sleeping with them on.”

Go to Visitors Corner near the bottom of this page to view more contributions, OR submit your own!

Dog Accessories Visitors Corner

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