Free DIY Dog Bed Patterns (Printable)

My free dog bed patterns encompass a variety of shapes and materials. You can provide a custom-fit dog bed for your dog with a little know how and the right tools!

Dog laying on homemade dog bed using patterns within the page.

Custom Dog Bed Patterns

Below are links to various free patterns for specific shapes of beds. 

Print one or more of these out; then refer to the General Instructions section below in order to proceed with making a dog bed out of a pattern.

RoundOvalModified Oval
Kidney BeanRectangularTrapezoidal

General Instructions 

The table in this section contains directions regarding how to:

  • Take your dog’s measurements so that the dog bed will be the right size
  • Which materials to use
  • How to enlarge the pattern you print out to life-size, and 
  • How to put the pieces together.
MeasurementsFabrics & MaterialsPattern
Sewing Instructions

Create Your Own Shapes

The above are some common geometric shapes that we came up with. However, why limit yourself to these particular shapes? 

For starters, other possible extrapolations we can think of would be designs in the form of a clam shelldiamond/kite or a fan shape.

You could create sides that are scalloped or wavy, turning your dog bed into a fabric sculpture and a work of art! The challenge will be to make sure that any bumpy parts do not interfere with your dog’s comfort.

You may also consider adding a roof to your cushioned dog abode to provide more a den-like feeling, creating a caveigloo or even a tunnel bed for dogs that like to burrow!

Match Your Decor

One of the neat things about making a bed for your dog yourself is that you can choose fabrics that fit in with your decor. 

Simply bring a swatch to your local fabric and upholstery outfits and see what they have to offer. If you are confident that your dog will not pee or poo on the bed, you can use some type of heavy-duty cloth. However, if you are uncertain, you may wish to go with a solid colored vinyl.

For thicker materials, check to make sure your sewing machine can handle it. Otherwise, you can always sew by hand.

I trust that you’ll find this information useful… Please feel free to share what you make for your dog(s)!

All the best to you in making your dog a comfy bed!