Solvit Houndabout Dog Trailer Review

Comet's first ride in the Solvit Houndabout bike trailer

Why dog bike trailer reviews on this DIY website? Well, this is one product that we could not make ourselves that we’ve greatly appreciated over the years so I’d like to let you know about it.

Our Solvit Houndabout I is still in regular use, despite the fact that we no longer have Comet or Pebble. 

At the time we bought ours, it was the only type available that was affordable.

I don’t believe The Solvit Houndabout I is still available. They current model is the Solvit Houndabout II as shown below.

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Since then, other kinds have come along, some less expensive, so I’ll also include dog bike trailer reviews, based on Amazon users, for the Doggyhut, DoggyRide, and InStep to help you make an informed choice.

Comet’s Ride – The Solvit Houndabout I

We bought this large size dog bicycle trailer when we lived in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

It was an online purchase and cost us $180. 

We also bought two hitches, one for each of our bicycles, for around $10 each. 

That was probably the best $200 we ever spent since it’s still going strong six years later, with perhaps an additional $40 spent on repairs (see A Few Challenges below).

Initial Benefits

  • We first used the trailer to haul Comet to dog-friendly areas in Jacksonville as well as in Sacramento, enabling us to use bike lanes on city streets without worrying about him running alongside our bicycles in traffic. 
  • The trailer was easy to attach and required little maintenance – and that is still true to this day.

Additional Benefits

  • The trailer can be used to haul up to 110 lbs of groceries and/or other stuff – no need for gasoline, insurance, or registration.
  • The frame, zippers, and mechanical parts have remained intact.
  • The wheels are removable and the frame collapsible for compact storage.
  • The trailer has side and top pockets, as well as two leash attachments to secure dogs in the trailer.
  • We could fit both Comet and our Chiweenie inside it since the trailer is 20″ wide and 23″ high.
  • The bottom has a removable, washable pad that cushions items you’re hauling.
Coupler with safety strap
Trailer in 2014 with green repair patches and wheels removed

           A Few Challenges

  • We’ve had to work on the cover due to turning a corner too sharply a couple of times, which had the trailer skidding on its side. 
  • The most work we have had to do involves the wheels. At some point, Stan replaced each of the axles with a long bolt, and we have changed out the tires at least once, as well as put in thorn proof, self-sealing inner tubes.
  • At 32″ long inside, the trailer was a tad short for Comet. We left the front flap open so he could poke his head out. (The leash attachment prevented him from jumping out after cats!)

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