How to Make a Dog Car Bed

Make a dog car bed for your car, truck or RV. 

These can also be used for an indoor dog pad for a crate, kennel or doghouse.

A fluffy quilt can be folded to provide your dog comfort in the back of a vehicle

Dog car beds or pads can be:

  • Inexpensive to create.
  • Eco friendly – repurpose materials you have at home or can acquire at a charity thrift store or church rummage sale.
  • Quick to assemble – in less time than you’d spend shopping for a brand new dog bed!
  • Made to fit – no matter the size or number of dogs!
A foam dog bed for an SUV with a plywood base, covered with a discarded curtain
An old style sleeping bag, folded to fit and sewn along the edges, makes a durable dog bed

Advantages of a Dog Car Bed

  • It provides a comfy place for your dog to lie on while in your vehicle. Comet appreciated all the different pads we created for him over the years, especially as he got older.
  • Keeps your vehicle cleaner. Cleaning options: (1) Brush off dirt and fur.  (2) Unfold quilt or sleeping bag and put in the washing machine.  (3) Cover the surface of your bed with an extra sheet or large towel. Shake out and wash as needed.
  • Can be moved around to: other vehicles; indoor spaces such as a dog crate, kitchen, garage, vacation home, or motel room; or to an outdoor kennel or dog house. Getting your dog off of it is likely to be your biggest challenge if he or she is anything like Comet!

Our Projects

Quilted Dog Car Bed

  • Take an old quilt or sleeping bag that unzips into a rectangle or square. Or you can use a moving pad (used for moving furniture) as we did with Comet during our RV days – we found one left behind at a camping spot!
  • Fold the material into thirds or quarters – leave the edges loose if you like. 
  • If you’d like to fasten the layers of a quilt together, add three-inch (75 mm) strips of Velcro™ or a zipper. For non-adhesive Velcro™, either sew it on or use a fabric glue to fasten it onto the quilting. I like Liquid Stitch™ the best.
  • For securing the sleeping bag edges, you may be best off poking holes through the zipper area and lacing the edges together with twine or shoelaces.

Note: I would not recommend sewing the layers together as you may want to unfold the material to wash it. Also, take it from me, you do NOT want to sew through Velcro™ that has adhesive added to it as it will gum up your sewing needle.

Foam Dog Car Bed

Another simple idea where you have a lot of leeway regarding size and also shape.

All this requires is a foam pador pieces of foam that you cover with something.

Sew or glue the seams on three sides. Stuff in the foam. Close up the remaining side.

Dog bed made from an old quilt stuffed with foam
stapled dog bed base

For a no-sew, no-glue option, use a plywood base and staple the fabric onto the plywood. This also works well with vinyl fabric if you are looking to make a waterproofbed. 

Just be sure the staples don’t poke through the foam into your dog!