How to Make a Dog Crate Cover from Blinds

Someone gave me a bamboo blind. With no other use for it, I decided to make a crate cover for my puppy’s crate. 

I’ve been wanting a crate cover but they are just way too expensive($50-100+). One of these bamboo or woven wood blinds can be purchased for quite a bit less at a thrift store or at Walmart.

The open front of the dog crate with blind crate cover
side of the dog crate cover made of blinds
Back of the dog crate cover

It was very easy to make: 
I wrapped the blind around the crate (covering the top & sides), cut it to where it just touches the floor (on both sides), and used the leftovers to make the back cover. Pics below are of the cover.  

I used coil keyrings to hook the back piece of bamboo blind onto the crate. The rings were all over the backside of the blind. You could use string too but the keyrings were easy so I used them. I only hooked them along the top back end of the crate and under the blind that goes over the top of the crate. 

Editor’s note: Harley, thank you for this simple and effective dog crate cover idea and the superb photos! Sounds like it would not take very long to make. What a great way to make use of an item you might otherwise have thrown out!