DIY Dog Exercise Equipment

Dog exercise equipment adds fun to your dog’s workout! 

We’ve discovered many options for making your own equipment as shown by the following list:


Does your dog like to run, jump, climb and learn new things?

Make or build various types of cheap dog agility equipment to use in your backyard or at a park.

Or, for higher ticket (more expensive) items, consider pooling your resources with other dog lovers to purchase materials to build equipment.

Types of homemade agility equipment for which we have instructions include:

Once you’ve learned how easy it is to build those, you could build other kinds of agility equipment yourself such as pause tables and teeter totters.


Bicycle exercise for dogs.
Taking Comet for some bicycle exercise without me getting hurt

Bicycle exercise can give your dog a great workout! However, it can be dangerous to hold the dog’s leash in your hand while bicycling, as I learned one day when Comet lunged after a cat and I hit the ground.

After the gash in my leg healed, I made my first B-Loop Bicycle Attachment to safely attach a leash to a bicycle for less than $5

Note: The B-Loop could also be used for bikejoring.


In times past, dogs pulled carts and travois to help humans carry things. These days, it’s more for show, and some dogs pull people or other dogs.

See the dog carting pages for more details.


There are two types of dog treadmills: manual or automatic. My hubby and I developed plans to build a manual carpet treadmill that both you and your dog can use for exercise! 

For more information, see Dog Treadmill Blueprints


Bikejoring isn’t the only way that dogs can be harnessed to pull someone and get their exercise. A dog can pull a person who is:

  • Running cross country (Canicross)
  • On a scooter (Dog Scootering)
  • On rollerblades or rollerskates (Rollerjoring)
  • On skis or rollerskis (Skijoring)
  • On a sled (Dog Sledding)

Click here for more information on joring equipment


If you have a dog with a strong prey instinct that loves to run, this may be worth an investment of your money and time. 

For further information, see Injoy Lure Coursing


Here is one page that explains the concept and shows a simple design.

Here’s another site that shows a tug-rope-and-spring design: Spring


Dog playing with exercise toy

For zero cost, you can add variety to exercising your dog by making a few simple homemade dog toys. These include:

Always remember to keep your dog’s safety in mind when using the Whipwhir and other kinds of dog exercise equipment.

Other Dog Exercise Equipment Options

If you’d like to see a list of all the ways we have found thus far to give a dog a workoutclick here.

Please contact us with any other methods or types of dog exercise equipment you have discovered so we can add them to the list. Thank you!