Answers to Common Dog Health Questions

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We do not have specifics regarding curing dog health issues. However, being a DIY website, our focus is on three things:

  • Preventing problems in the first place
  • Producing natural home remedies
  • Acquiring the right kind of insurance for your dog

Preventing Dog Health Problems

Just like with people, the best way to keep most dogs healthy is to give them a decent diet and sufficient exercise, as well as to moderate how many shots or medications your dog gets.

You may find it difficult to sit down and plan how to keep your dog healthy. However, consider that owner inaction often leads to payingdearly in veterinary bills or losing a dog to disease at a younger age than necessary.

We have pages on nutritionexercise and exercise equipment to give you ideas that you can adapt to your situation.

An easy way to prevent some dog health problems is limiting the number of vaccinations. Research has proven that dogs do not need an annual round of multiple vaccinations once they are beyond puppyhood. 

Diseases associated with too many vaccinations include autoimmune reactions and cancer

Homemade Remedies for Optimal Dog Health

Our homemade dog remedies page includes many ideas from our website visitors.

Unfortunately, big pharma has invaded the veterinary world so that veterinarians are more likely to prescribe pills rather than advocate natural remedies that are often more effective and less expensive. 

An exception to this is Veterinary Secrets Revealed, by Dr. Andrew Jones, an e-book which provides information on many natural or homeopathic remedies for dogs and cats.

Dog Insurance Options

Insurance is another important preventive idea, so that you can afford necessary care if your dog gets really ill despite your effforts to keep him or healthy, or is in an accident

If you’re stressed about money, this will carry over to your dog – as well as to the relationships with people in your life. A stressful environment is likely to slow down the healing process.

Also, not having insurance may lead your family to the difficult choice to euthanize a furry member prematurely when the amount needed becomes more than the family finances can bear.

Types of health insurance for dogs include AccidentMedical and Dental Insurance.

We trust that you have gained some dog health answers to help that precious member of your family live as long as possible.