Ideas for Dog Kennels

The Dog Kennel Ideas resource page is the result of piecing together information from several websites and YouTube on different dog kennel designs. 

Each provided some data that was used in the following pages on our site: Building Dog Kennels and Dog Kennel Instructions.

Gun House Door Co. – Raised kennels

Carl Altenbernd of shows in the video how he attached both raised kennels and concrete floor type runs to one big building.

Whispering Hills Kennels – Septic System

Jeff Jennings of this kennel in Oregon shared the following in May 2012 on the forum:

“I have a system built for a 30-dog kennel plus clinic, grooming, and a two-bedroom appartment in the same building. It’s massive. Here are some major points you’ll want to consider:

There are EPA/DEQ guidelines and requirements specific to dog kennels regarding the separation system and drain field capacity. Dog feces do not break down as readily as human waste – different bacteria required. Hair never breaks down. Therefore your separation tank capacity must be much larger than that for a typical residence. A hair strainer is essential ahead of the separation tanks. My system has a strainer “basket” about the size of a large garbage can. The EPA requires a system capacity of 50 gallons per day/per dog to allow for wash down of kennels (sounds like overkill, but that’s what they require). 

Your drain field should be designed such that one foot of line services one gallon of water per day (that may be different depending on the soil in your area). So for 5 dogs your system requirement is 250 gallons per day, 250 feet of drain field line, and separation tank capacity of 1000 gallons (tank capacity = 4X daily demand). I also suggest you use larger sewage pipe ahead of the tank than would be typical for a residence, and if possible the sewage pipe minimum slope should be 1/4″ per foot.”

DIY Design Ideas from YouTube

Large square outdoor pens for pitbulls consisting of wooden frames and wire mesh with no overhead covering.

Obviously only good for warm   climates or mild days.

Backyard kennel area in the U.K custom built for a family’s large dogs – a little known giant breed called Leonberger’s.

An outdoor kennel using pre-fabricated chain link panels. The kennel is set directly on the ground and is movable. The roof is a plastic tarp. The doghouse is manufactured plastic.

A double run added onto an existing large wooden dog house. The design includes a deck covered with plywood, pre-manufactured metal frames for the side panels, and a plywood roof covered with tar paper.

Climate Control Ideas

Putting up a professional grade misting system from a kit that comes in 20 foot lengths.

Sam's cool dog kennel

Sam’s cool kennel* beats the summertime heat in Fresno, California. 

* This design includes shade cloth, a fan, a kiddie pool and a misting system to keep John Dunn’s dogs comfortable.

More Dog Kennel Ideas: Sketches & Photos

Kennel Plans

Some great photos and rough plan drawings by the Rottweiler Vom Hause Neff folks.

Rabbit Hunting Online Kennel Constructions basics

Photo of Rising Sun Kennels by Harry Warnick

We hope that these kennel ideas provide you with some inspiration to build your own. If you come up with a hybrid design or a totally unique concept, we’d love to hear from you so that we can add the information to this page and help out other folks.