Dog Product Reviews

Why is our DIY site doing dog product reviews?

Well, there are some products that cost a lot. Some items are more cost effective when you purchase them, while with others it’s a lot cheaper to make your own.

For some reviews, we’ll use existing feedback from Amazon users, looking especially at the reasons why people were unhappy if there were a significant number.

Where possible, we’ll check out similar products in that line.

Dog Bicycle Trailer

dog riding in bicycle trailer

The Solvit Houndabout I bicycle trailer is an item that we chose to purchase because we simply could not build something as functional and durable for the price. We’ve used it for over 8 years now, with minimal maintenance and repair that we were able to do ourselves. We plan to use it for many more! For more information on this and other types of dog bike trailers, please see dog bike trailer review.

Dog Wheelchair Reviews

There are many commercial dog wheelchairs out here in the U.S., with the main brands being, Eddie’s Wheelchairs and Walkin’ Wheels.

However, as shown by the following prices for dog wheelchairs supporting the rear legs, they can be prohibitive:

Walkin’ Wheels – fully adjustable, $250 for small dogs to $400 and up for larger sized dogs.

Eddie’s Wheelchairs – custom built – 30% deposit and no refund on purchase, $325-$800.

Dewey’s Wheelchairs for Dogs– custom built – 65% refund offered if not satisfied after a 3-week trial – $250-$500.

Contrast this with our DIY plans at Make & Build Dog Stuff– $8.95 for the plans, with a cost to build of around $110 – less if you already have some of the parts or can scrounge them, especially the wheels.

Other Sources for Dog Product Reviews 

While we are building our list of products, we have found a site that is much further ahead in that regard:Natural Dog Care Guidance from Organic Pet Digest

Your complete holistic and natural dog care adviser. Use their free dog health advice and their My Online Vet ask-a-vet online service to help ensure a long and happy life for your dog. 

Advice includes natural at-home remedies for common dog health problems, how to choose the right natural and organic dog food, homemade dog food recipes, proper dog vet care, pet insurance reviews, reviews of dog supplies, pet travel advice and more.