DIY Dog Ramp Plans

Use our dog ramp plans to help your dog reach new heights!

Help you pet get in and out of vehicles as well as up and on things like beds and couches.

Plan & Ramp Specifications

Dogge Bridge Specs

Dog using a ramp to get into back of truck.
  • Holds up to a 175-lb dog
  • Weighs 26 lbs
  • 18 x 72 inches**
  • Walkway is 15 inches
  • Rail is 2 inches high
  • Folds to 8 x 36 inches
  • Costs around USD 35, excluding finishing materials and price of plans.

Dogge Ramp Specs

Dog using ramp to get out of vehicle
  • Holds up to a 115-lb dog
  • Weighs around 21 lbs
  • 18 x 72 inches*
  • Walkway is 15 inches
  • Rail is 1 inch high
  • Folds to 5 x 36 inches
  • Costs around USD 30, excluding finishing materials and price of plans.


Did you know that we sell 5 different plans:

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Dog Ramp Plans Information

The dog ramp plans were created by Stan, our engineer-in-residence. After payment has been received, the plans are emailed to you as anattached file in pdf format and include:

  • A summary title sheet
  • Five detailed drawings showing 3D views of construction
  • Three 3D colored drawings of the completed ramp
  • A list of parts needed
  • Assembly instructions

Testimonials – Dogge Bridge

Here’s what Mike Pederson of Brunswick, Georgia, had to say about these large dog ramp plans: 

I found the instructions for this homemade dog ramp very complete and the project was easy to do. I used glue and screws and carpeted the ramp. I use it for my dog to get on my boat. I would recommend this project to others. 

Mike Hendee from Alaska also has a Dogge Bridge™ story and photo. Note how he added some touches of his own:

My dog is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and her name is Nula. She injured her shoulder so I use the ramp I built to let her out of the truck. I loaned it to a friend whose dog just had knee surgery. He may order a set of plans as well.

Foldable dog ramp

We love the following testimonial from Theresa in Louisiana!

About a year ago I purchased plans from you for a dog ramp. I’ve been wanting to thank you for this. I have a potbelly pig that grew a bit larger than we expected and we could no longer pick her up. But we like to take her camping and to the park-like our other dogs. I researched and researched ramps etc and finally came across your design that had a heavyweight limit. We did the expanded version since we were going up to a Tahoe and put rubber floor matting for grip due to her having hooves and would slip easily. We walked her across it twice on the ground and then lifted a few levels and before we knew it up in the Tahoe she went… [So] now you know it will work for potbelly pigs!  🙂

Potbelly pig using a ramp to get in the back of a vehicle.
A DIY pet ramp going into a vehicle

Testimonials – Dogge Ramp

On the same day that he bought our plans, Andy Shier emailed us with the following photos and a comment: 

It went well. Great plans!

Dog ramp with carpeting.
Folded portable dog ramp
Showing the hinged design of the dog ramp.

Here’s what Joseph Bates of Idaho Falls, Idaho, wrote us:

I think that is a great design, very simple but the plans are very detailed. Even having 2 left thumbs as I do, 🙂 this should give me no problems.

Jim Garratt of Toronto, Canada, reported:

Harley, our 11.5 yr.old golden, uses the ramp every day to get into the hatch of our Suzuki SX4. I did modify the dog ramp plans to use all of the 4 ft of the plywood which gave a total ramp length of 8 ft. I would recommend your plans; they were easy to use.

Steve from Memphis, Tennessee, sent us the following:

II would like to comment on the Dog ramp project. I had to make two of these for my Dachshund who is starting to have some back problems. I have found that using the 2:1 ratio he would not go up the ramp. Lowering the ramp height to where it was basically at a 2.25:1, he went up/down with no hesitation at all. 

We also received the following from Tom Barrett of Waconia, Minnesota:

Here’s a picture of Zoey, our 3 yr old miniature labradoodle. The main reason I built the homemade dog ramp was to get her to stay in the boat so I can take her fishing with me.

If I was to do it again, I would stretch the plan to make it an 8’ ramp instead of 6’, so the angle isn’t so great for her to get started up the ramp. I used outdoor carpeting on the entire ramp so she can grab onto it and it works well.

It was great having the ramp this summer. She used it every time we went out in the boat with her. It took a little while to get her to use it (she was too used to us pulling her in the boat).

Everyone driving around the lake that saw me using it commented how it was such a good idea.

Dogge Bridge

Dogge Ramp

Ways to Modify or Customize Your Ramps

These ramps can be made longer, up to 96 inches or 8 feet. This will increase the weight. To offset this, the ramps can be made narrower if your dog’s width allows. Modification to a 16-inch wide ramp with a 13-inch walkway is included in the dog ramp plans.

Also, after you build one of these portable dog ramps, you or a family member can add personalized touches, such as painting it in the colors you choose; applying stain and varnish; carving or painting your dog’s name on the sides; routing the rails to make fancier edges; and more. 

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to Joanne and John, and Fran and Harvey, snowbirds from Canada, for allowing us to borrow their Great Pyrennees for ramp tryouts and photos!