DIY Dog Sock Toy With A Ball

Looking to make a dog sock toy with a ball?

Here you’ll find a variety of projects submitted to us by people from different countries.

So read on and have fun making these simple toys for your dog.

TIP: For a good source of free balls, look in the trash cans or surroundings of a tennis court

Bailey enjoying tug-of-war with a basic ball sock toy

Dog Sock Toy With A Ball: Visitor Ideas

Tennis Ball Sock by Dave (Illinois, United States)

All I did was put a tennis ball in the bottom of an old sock and tied a knot to keep the ball in. 

Comment: Good Idea – But Be Careful! by Anonymous
I put a tennis ball in my sock, tied it up, and ta-da, an awesome toy! She loved it! But now, if she finds any socks…she assumes they are for her :/ Gotta be extra careful about our socks here!
Squeaky Sock Ball Dog Toy by Ginger (Santa Barbara, California) 

I take a long hiking sock and put a tennis ball plus a recycled (but still functional) squeaker from a torn/old squeaky toy into the toe of the sock, and tie the top of the sock closed, leaving lots of room in between the ball and the knot. It’s a squeaky toy, it’s a tug toy, it’s great for fetch, and my dog just loves to swing it around or toss it in the air!  

If I happen to have TWO squeakers, I put one inside the knot as I’m tying it, too–that drives her crazy. This is my dog’s all-time favorite toy, never mind the fact that I have spent a small fortune on expensive, well-designed “real” dog toys. She goes for the Squeaky Sock every time! 
Dog ball toy in a sock Jake (South Africa)

Fold socks like you would fold them to put them away, then take a ball and put it inside …. even though this does not sound doable it is!!!! 
Swinging sock ball dog toy by Anonymous 

We made a swinging sock ball for our puppy, Sampson, by putting a tennis ball in a sock, then tying the end of the sock up so it won’t fall out. He loves it more than his pull rope! 
Bouncy sock ball for dogs by Jake (England)

This is a homemade dog sock toy with a ball that really bounces!

Here’s how to do it.
* a sock
* bouncy ball 
Get an old sock without holes in the toe part and put the bouncy ball inside 
Tie a firm knot to hold the ball in the base
Then you have a bouncy sock ball for your dog to play with. 
Sock Octopus by Maggie J. (Pennsylvania, United States) 

Ingredients: 9 old socks 8 tennis balls Stuffing (not the food kind) Markers 

How to: Stuff the biggest sock with the stuffing. Then put one tennis ball in the toe of the others. Tie all socks at the ends (where the ankle would be). Tie them together, stuffed sock on top, and tennis ball socks hanging out like octopus legs (ankle holes together, stuffed, and tennis balled ends free). Draw a smiley face (or horrified face, your dog is going to munch on it….) on the stuffed sock (the head). If done correctly, it will slightly resemble an octopus (made of socks…) 

This fun type of dog sock toy with a ball is great for your dog to play with alone or with you. It’s good for tug of war, fetch and all kinds of other games. 

IMPORTANT CAUTION: Be sure to supervise your dog when playing with this type of sock toy. If the ball pops out, your dog may swallow it and it could get stuck.

If this happens, try to push on your dog’s throat from the outside, going underneath where the ball is and pushing up. The ball is often too slimy to grab from the inside…

I hope you found some ideas you could use or adapt to create some good, inexpensive fun for your dog!