DIY Dog Sock Toys With Treats

Yummy, dog sock toys with treats! What dog wouldn’t go for that?

True, some dogs don’t like treats. However, many dogs do appreciate them as you’ll discover as you read on.

You’ll find a number of projectssubmitted by site visitors, including comments about how their pet likes these treat-filled toys.

(Chili, who belongs to a friend of ours, loves hers so much she’s guarding it tightly!)

A dog playing with his dog sock toy.

Crumple Fox by Anonymous 

To make this fun dog treat toy: 

Take a used water bottle/pop bottle (make sure it is cleaned out and dry!). Remove the cap, the small ring under the cap, and the label. Now find an old, mismatched sock, one with preferably small holes, and make sure it is clean! Set that off to the side. Take a few dog treats and put them inside the bottle, or just take some peanut butter and smear it on the inside. Now, take that old sock and pull it over the neck of the bottle. Tie it into a knot. 

Now you have a Crumple Fox! You can throw it across your yard and your dog will chase after it, and it will crinkle when he bites it. Make sure you do not let him alone with it! 

Kibble Dispenser by Anna 

We know dogs like to work for their food so here is a great way for them to do it! Get a long sock. Snip at random places on the foot part of the sock (Not too big just little snips). Fill the sock with kibble then tie a knot at the end! When you shake it the kibble should come out. 

Treat Sock by Eva (Connecticut, United States)

* Take 2 socks  
* Take dog’s fave treats(2) 
* Take sock 1 
* Put treats in sock 2 
* Roll sock 2 in a ball
* Put sock 2 in sock 1

My dog loves it!!!

Sock with Treat Inside by Katie Ellen (New Zealand)

I just get a pair of old socks. I fill one sock with a little of his dog chow (not heaps). Then tie the sock off and put it into the other sock and tie that one-off. He absolutely loves it and will spend hours trying to get into it! You do have to keep an eye out though, you wouldn’t want your dog actually eating the sock! My dog doesn’t though! 🙂 

Food in Sock Knot by Khadijah (Sacramento, California) 

I have a 5 week old Jack Russell/Poodle puppy. I was bored and she was playing with the empty paper towel roll. But she’s too little to play with it and it’s also slightly longer than she is. 

So I got an old sock ( pink, of course, lol ) and I put a little bit of her food inside of it. I made sure there were no holes. I tied a knot down where the food was to keep it in place and wrapped the rest of the sock around the knot so it looks like a small pink bone with two knots, but one knot is food and the other is a real knot. She’s been playing with it! 

Sock Knot by Anonymous 

All you need is a sock (holey or not), and treats if wanted. Here’s what you do: 

Take the sock and tie a knot in the middle. Put a treat in the ankle part (this would be where the opening is) as far in as you can, then show your dog the toy, if he dog doesn’t get it, take out the treat and show them that you are you putting it in. 

My puppy will spend about half an hour getting it out because he crushes it inside while trying to get it out, so there are lots of little pieces left, and he will play with it even without treats, he likes the smell. 

More About Dog Sock Toys With Treats

Remember when you make any of these dog sock toys with treats to keep an eye on your dog so that the wrong things aren’t swallowed

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