Free DIY Dog Toy Patterns

Use our free dog toy patterns to make an eco plush dog toy!

Does your dog like to chew on stuffed, squeaky playthings?

Why not make your own dog toys for much less than you spend on store bought ones?

To get started, simply collect a few basic materials and decide on a pattern.

For the materials, soft, colorful fabricsqueakers to insert, non-toxic stuffing, and a sewing machine or needle and thread are all you should need.

a dog toy pattern in the shape of a fish.

Using the Dog Toy Patterns

  • Print the patterns out. (If you want to change the size, use a copier).
  • Cut out the pattern and pin it to a double layer of fabric (or more layers if specified on the pattern).
  • Cut the fabric around the pattern – remember to leave room for the seams if you want the toy to be the same size as the pattern.
  • Sew partway along the outline, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch (7 to 14 mm) from the edges.
  • Leave an opening big enough for the squeakers and stuffing.
  • Hand or machine sew closed.
  • Add another row of stitching or more for maximum sturdiness.

The Squeakers

Dog toy squeakers are, of course, optional. They can be obtained through eBay or Amazon. Just be sure to verify shipping charges before you commit to your order. 

To prevent your dog from chewing through the squeakers, encase them in a tough material such as that used for good quality nylon rain jackets, athletic bags or backpacks. Look for used items at thrift stores, or purchase ¼ yard at a fabric store. 

To encase a row of medium size squeakers:

  1. Space them apart on your fabric, fold it over, and pin in between the squeakers and on the remaining side. Leave about an inch (25mm) of air space on the side where each tube comes out of the squeaker.
  2. Sew around the pins. Cut between each one after you are done (unless you want two or more squeakers in a toy then just sew a seam in between each), then trim the fabric.
  3. If you are concerned about the dog swallowing an encased squeaker, fold a large square piece of the same material that is too large to swallow over the encased squeaker and sew the edges, using a double row of sewing.

The Fabric

Purchase any type of fabric you desire, or use old clothes. For extra tough toys, consider using the same material used to encase the squeakers. Some people prefer to use organic fabrics and stuffing and these are obtainable through online sources if you cannot find them locally.

The Stuffing

You could use fiberfill, but if your dog tends to shred things, consider using plastic grocery bags or some kind of waterproof material that you can stuff back into the next toy you make. 

Always supervise your dog to make sure he or she is not swallowing things after taking them apart.