DIY Dog Wheelchairs

Dog wheelchairs prolong the lives of many dogs!

In the past, dogs who became paralyzed were simply euthanized.

Although commercial dog wheelchairs are now available, they are not affordable to all.

A manufactured version may strain the budget so much that there is still pressure to euthanize unnecessarily, especially when large sums have already been spent at the vet’s.

Cost Effective Rear Leg Support

Our medium-sized PVC dog mobility device, the Dogge Chariot, designed for dogs with rear leg issues, can be built for around USD 85 or less.*

More info on our inexpensive plans for this design and testimonials can be found here.

Dog Wheelchairs – A Testimonial

Buster’s Chariot Cindy Lundberg, 2012

PVC dog wheelchair build from our plans

Just wanted to say thank you for the cart plans…here’s the finished product – I feel hubby Chris did a nice job. 

[We think so too, Cindy.]

We used the wheelchair as much as we could but Buster lost his fight today (June 6)…

Buster who used his homemade dog wheelchair

[We were so sad to hear that.]

We feel God gave him to us for a reason as we were the better for it. We had the bigger boy picked out but went with Buster.

Quads and Other Types of Wheelchairs

Make & Build Dog Stuff also has a wooden quad design, the Dogge Buggy, for larger dogs that serves to rehabilitate dogs that have lost the ability to support themselves. This can be made for between USD 100 and 150.*

For smaller dogs needing four-wheel support, please see homemade dog wheelchair designs.

*Please note: Any of these can be built for less than the amounts stated depending on materials you have on hand or are able to scrounge and the wheels you use.

What Our Plans Offer You

  • Our wheelchairs are adjustable.
  • We provide detailed instructions and photos so that anyone familiar with basic tools can build these.
  • We let you know how much of each part to get, where to buy them, and which items you can substitute.
  • Compare your DIY costs to the commercial kind shown at right by clicking on the image.
  • Or look at our used dog wheelchair comparison.
  • We back up our plans with support – just contact us if you get stuck.

Paralysis Being Reversed

According to a blog post by veterinarian Andrew Jones of Nelson, British Columbia, dated November 21, 2012, dog paralysis has been reversed in some cases. Cells from the lining of the dogs’ nose cells were taken and cultivated in a special way, then injected back into the dogs’ spinal columns at the point where they were injured. 

All the dogs treated this way improved significantly because nerve cells were stimulated to grow. Wheelchairs were initially used as an aid. They were able to walk on a treadmill using a supporting harness some months later. 

This is one of the uses we advocate for our manual treadmill which you can build since the angle of the platform is fully adjustable and the frame can be used for attaching a sling or other support device.