Dog Panniers and Dog Tote

Make a matched set of dog panniers and a tote! 

Make your own dog backpack with a matching tote for all your dog’s stuff out of plastic canvas and yarn for between $20 and $30.

Our 20-page e-book (in pdf format) includes detailed descriptions, photos, and various diagrams.

Dog with panniers and dog tote.

What’s In the eBook?

  • Where to purchase the  materials
  • How to keep your materials organized
  • How to measure & cut out patterns
  • How to do a variety of needlework stitches 
  • Two possible ways to line the baskets
  • How to attach the pieces together
  • Finishing techniques

Note that the length of time it takes to complete each project depends on the needlework stitches you choose to use and how often you can work on it. Allow for at least a month or two.

Dog tote and panniers PDF.

Purchasing Details

The e-book is in the form of a pdf file. After your purchase goes through, you’ll be directed to a page to download the file. Once downloaded, you can print pages as needed.

Note: Your satisfaction is important to us. Please contact us with your feedback.