Free DIY Dog Dress Pattern

Use our free dog clothes pattern to make a doggie dress or two.

Unlike standard patterns that have a defined shape and set sizes, you can learn to design your own custom fit pattern to use repeatedly. 

(Hint: it’s all in the measurements…)

Once you have your starter pattern, you can vary:

  • the sleeve length;
  • how high up the neck the top of the dress goes; 
  • whether to add a collar or not; and
  • how long and wide to make the skirt;
  • the fabrics and colors you use.

Making the Top

The basic parts of this free dog clothes pattern consist of a top (shirt) that attaches to a skirt

The first step is to take basic measurements for the top and the waistband

Parts of your dog to measure and directions for printing out the instructions are at free online dog clothes patterns: measurements for a dog shirt.

How cute is this dog dress?

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IMPORTANT: Note that the dog shirt extends further back than the top for the doggie dress, so make adjustments to measurement number 2 as needed – in other words, you decide where you want the waistband to be.

First Time Making a Doggie Dress From the Free Dog Clothes Pattern?

If this is your first time sewing a dog dress, I suggest the following: 

  1. Create your pattern for the top on newspaper first, then transfer it to an old sheet or pillowcase and cut it out.
  2. Next drape it on your dog and mark the seams.
  3. Take it off the dog and pin it along the seams, making sure none of the pins pricks the dog. 
  4. Finally try it on your dog again to see if it looks like it will be good fit.

Remember: The legs and chest must not be so tight that it will be difficult for your dog to move, so make adjustments accordingly. 

Making the Skirt

The skirt part is pretty simple. The waistband circumference should match the bottom of your shirt or top.

You can keep the skirt narrow, or flare it out like a cape.

If your pattern looks good, then pin it to the fabric you want to use, cut it out and sew the seams.

Add bows or other adornments such as buttons, rhinestones, sequins, lace, ribbons and feathers. These can be hot glued or sewn on.

dog dress pattern

Another Fun Dress Idea

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