Free Dog House Building Plan

Download a free dog house building plan today!

A set of free dog house plans makes the best use of your time and money in several ways:

* You get a materials cut list for easy shopping and minimal waste of materials.

* You don’t have to spendmoney on the plans themselves.

* You’ll likely make fewermistakes.

The photos show two dog houses that can be made using a free dog house building plan.

But how to figure out which plans to download?

Finding Free Dog House Plans

Well, we’ve done some research for you: the tables below are organized for easy comparison into largemedium-size and small dog houses.


  • BEG = beginner
  • INT = intermediate or advanced
  • h x w x d = height x width x depth
  • Units are in inches

Free Dog House Plans – Large Dogs

h x w x d
Crooked Dog House by Ana White-INT
Whimsical-sides angle out and roof is uneven. Uses 2.5 sheets plywood. Cost at least $150. Links to Whitney’s posts no longer active but not necessary.
29 x 41 x 39
Stylish Doghouse by Sunset-BEG/INT
Uses 3 sheets of plywood. Can be made for around $200. Removable roof for easy cleaning.
34 x 32 x 48

Dog House Plans for Free – Medium Size Dogs

h x w x d

SPARKY1 – Wood Dog House – INT
Insulated dog house with front porch and deck. Great photos, a few clear drawings and a detailed materials/cut list.
37 x 30 x 33

Wayne of the Woods Insulated Dog House Plan – INT
This insulated doghouse has an interior wall that partially separates the entry way from the remainder but still allows for air circulation – good since there are no windows. The exterior 1/4″ plywood walls have 3” insulation added.
36 x 29 x 19

Free Dog House Building Plan – Small Dogs

h x w x d

Small Dog House Plans from My Outdoor Plans – INT
Excellent cut list detailing where the materials will be used. Colorful 3D drawings for each step. Framing is 2x2s with 3/4 plywood for roof, walls and roof. Doorway is 12″ high. Note: Link to insulated dog house plan does not work properly.
18 x 24 x 23
Simple Gabled-Roof Doghouse by John Riha-BEG
Uses one sheet of plywood or pressboard and 6 feet of 2x2s. Click on print plans to get drawing that shows dimensions/cuts. 
28 x 24 x 26