Free Online Dog Clothes Patterns

Taking Measurements for a Dog Shirt

For the first of our free online dog clothes patterns, a dog shirt, we suggest you print out the picture and instructions below that show which measurements to take.

dog clothes pattern

You can also view this YouTube video that shows a woman measuring her dog and creating a pattern. She points out that there can be a difference of 1 to 2 inches (25 to 50 mm) when you measure your dog’s back sitting vs. standing.

Directions for Printing  the Above Image

To save the image to a file:

Right-click on the picture and choose the Save Image option. Note the file to which you saved it, then Insert this file into a word processing page such as Microsoft Word. You can also Open the file into another program such as Paint, Irfanview or Photoshop. You can resize it and print it at that time. 

To copy the image to a file:

Right click on the image and choose the Copy Image option. Then paste it into a page on one of the above programs. 

To copy the measurement directions to a file:

Simply select, copy and paste the information below to a word processing file. Then format and print as needed.

Instructions for Taking Measurements

Use a pencil to mark down the following, just in case you make a mistake the first time.

1 _________ Collar measurement 

2 _________ Collar to 3 inches (75 mm) before the base of tail 

3 _________ Base of tail to flank 

4 _________ Flank to back of front leg 

5 _________ Withers (top of shoulder) to back of front leg 

6 _________ Neck to chest to breastbone 

7 _________ Widest part of leg. Add an inch (25 mm) towards the front 

8 _________ Length of sleeve. Add 1/2 inch (12 or 13 mm) for the hem 

9 _________ Bottom of sleeve. Add 3/4 inch (18 mm) to the width 

Creating the Pattern to Sew the Shirt

For our directions, go to the Basic Dog Shirt Pattern

Note that this is not as tailored as the instructions shown in the YouTube video – however, it ought to do well for a temporary project such as a costume for your dog. 

I also do not have step-by-step photos for this one, as Comet passed away before I could complete the Hawaiian shirt I had planned to make for him.