Handmade Dog Gifts – Great Dog Birthday Gifts

Make handmade dog gifts any time of year!

Does your dog loving friend or family member consider that their furry friend deserves the best of everything

In that case, I have plenty of ideas and instructions for creating simple, and often inexpensive, customized gifts to make them and their pooches happy!

Many people enjoy receiving a handmade item they couldn’t buy in a store or at a craft fair.

That would include dog stuff you can make through this site to turn into a uniquepersonalized dog gift

One idea is to create a darling outfit out of matching fabrics, such as the doggie dress at left with its coordinated hair bow.

Homemade turquoise dog harness dress with matching bow tie for Westie
crocheted dog sock with dogs name

Or how about knitting or crocheting a sweater with dog socks where you add the dog’s name as is shown in the photo at right. If your time is limited, just do one sock…

Note that lighter colors are great for displaying the dog’s name on a darker background, and vice versa.

Dog Lovers Gift Basket

Baskets abound in thrift shops. 

For a very low price, you can find practically any type of basket that fits with what you are planning to provide. 

The first thing you will need to do is consider the occasion

Are you offering a present for a pooch’s birthday?

Are you wanting to surprise a dog lover at the holidays?

spinach and cheese dog biscuits
Gift biscuit tin with treats and dog food
dog gift basket with yarns and knitting patterns.

Put together dog treat baskets or containers with delicious natural dog biscuits – an easy project for kids as well.

You could also add yarn, knitting needles and a pattern for making a dog sweater as shown above.

Of course, you’re not limited to those things – any handmade dog item or even some store-bought ones would be a surprise!

Instead of a basket, take an old cookie, fruitcake or nut tin and stuff it full of the dog’s favoritefoods, which could include canned foods and special doggie treats or a high end kibble.  

Be sure to include your favorite dog biscuit recipe if you make the treats yourself.

Other Ideas

Let’s not leave out things such as dog toys, handmade picturesdog refrigerator magnets, a painting or photo, wood or metal carvings, or dog jewelry...

Remember, your choices for putting something special together are plentiful.

If you do not know the recipient and the dog that well, you may want to ask someone who does so that you can tailor your homemade dog gifts to them.

For some extra touches:

  • Print out pages with instructions from this website or another online source, or hand write them.
  • Decorate the basket or tin with ribbons and other notions, wrapping paper, drawings, paints, feathers – you name it.

My Gift Giving Experiences

It used to be that whenever I gave someone handmade dog gifts or other creations, I attached specific expectations to their reaction and was disappointed when I didn’t get what I envisioned.

I know that I’ve disappointed others too – it sometimes takes me a while to warm up to a present, especially when it’s a total surprise.

I’ve learned to avoid reading too much into a recipient’s responses by remembering that the person doesn’t have to like something instantly just because I made it. 

He or she may be more open to appreciation in private when there’s been time to realize just how much love and effort I’ve put into it.

Sometimes due to personal preferences someone simply doesn’t like my gift. That’s one reason I take photos or a video of my projects as I’m working on them, and post them online to reach a more appreciative audience!

Share Your Handmade Dog Gifts

We love to receive photos or videos showing handmade dog gifts you’ve created so that we can post it to this website – there’s literally a worldwide audience waiting! 

For photos with a description, or to send us a video, simply click here for the information.