Homemade Dog Costume Ideas

We have lots of homemade dog costume ideas for you! Follow the links below the icons and keep scrolling on down… 

For more elaborate designs, see About Homemade Dog Costumes.

Note: E = Easy  M = Moderate Difficulty

Small Dog Costume Ideas

Easy Bed Time Costume


  • (1) Baby jumpsuit
  • (4) Pink sponge rollers

So easy…. and cute 🙂

Thanks for another of your great dog costume ideas, Laura! This Bed Time one is such a cute dog costume.

A Shih Tzu has long hair on their ears so the rollers are just rolled in her hair.  

Good luck if you do enter!

Submitted by Laura from Hamilton, Montana

Dog Halloween Costume Ideas: Boxer and Ring Girl

Izzie and Bailey boxer and ring girl dog costume.

Izzie (Shih Tzu) Ring Girl Costume 

Bailey (BOXER) Boxer Costume

My cousin and I entered our dogs together in a Petfest Best dressed contest (we took first).

I shopped at thrift stores for baby clothes and silk PJ etc.

Ring Girl Costume


Dog ring girl costume
  • Jean dress or top and skirt (For my Shih Tzu I used a size 18 months)
  • Tennis ball cut in half 
  • Old nylons (cover tennis ball halves with nylons)
  • Any color material to cover tennis ball to look like a bikini with cleavage
  • Hot glue 
  • Baby headband 
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter glue


  1. I bought a dress and turned it into a top and skirt. I used a stretch headband for the waist of the skirt.
  2. I folded the skirt over the band and hot glued it down this way it is open on the bottom so the dog can walk and go potty.
  3. Then I took the tennis ball halves covered with nylon, I actually made a bikini top that tied around Izzie’s neck and chest and fit the dress top/vest/harness over it.
  4. The baby headband was for the flower or the Round 1 sign. 

Boxer costume


Bailey's boxer costume
  • Silky PJ’s
  • Glitter glue


For Bailey’s Boxer Costume, Since I had my cousin send me Bailey’s measurement like they show to measure your dog for a coat etc. So it depends on the size of satin PJ you find and the size of the dog as to whether or not you would have much altering to do. The PJ?s I found were long pants so I had to cut them and hem them (hot glue) to make them into shorts. For the lettering, I used felt letters (I scrapbook and had some of these in my supplies) and added the glitter glue.

The boxing gloves are genuine boxing gloves, I did not make them. My Nephew was a fighter and let me borrow them. If I had to get some I was looking a buying some kids toy boxing gloves. I looked for patterns online to make some but didn’t find anything.

See pictures for how these costumes were put together.

Submitted by Laura from Hamilton, Montana

Medium Size Dog Costume Ideas

Lotsa Bubbles Costume

Hubbel the beagle puppy and his bubbles costume.

If you are wanting something a bit different this year for your pet’s Halloween costume, but you do not want to spend a lot of money or a lot of time on the project, this is the costume for you! 

I created this costume last year for my Beagle puppy, Hubbell, and he won 1st Place in a local costume contest! Above is a photo of him so you can get a better understanding of this costume and how it should look. This is VERY VERY easy!! If I can do it, anyone can!


  • Fitted dog sweater/t-shirt (You could make one out of fleece material as I did, just connect under the belly with velcro)
  • Stuffing from an old pillow
  • Clear PLASTIC Christmas balls (small and large)  
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and white thread



  1. Take stuffing from your pillow and stretch it out by pulling on all the ends. Basically, you are shaping some pieces to attach to the dog sweater.
  2. Hot glue the pillow stuffing onto the sweater. This does not have to be perfect. You can always add more stuffing! Make sure you cover every area (even under the belly of the outfit)
  3. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement of the stuffing, heat up your glue gun again.
  4. Take the Christmas balls and remove the hook pieces that connect to the balls themselves. Add glue around the opening of the balls then replace the hooks so that they will stay in place.** Let dry. ** Do them all at once to make this go quicker!
  5. Take the needle and thread and start sewing the Christmas balls to your sweater. It’s best if they are spread out.
  6. You are finished! Take your pooch to a Halloween Party or enter them into a local costume contest in support of Animal Shelters! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

by Rebecca Bankston from Athens, Alabama

Indiana Jones Dog Costume


  1. Get a cowboy hat that doesn’t cost very much and cut holes in it for ears. Make sure it’s not plastic because that will cut your puppy’s ears. It should be a brown hat. If you can’t find one you could make a paper one or paint one. For ways to make your own dog cowboy hats, see the Top Hats section on our Party Hats page – just add a wider brim.
  2. Get a small brown jacket. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it could just be a brown jacket from the pet store or a thrift store.  
  3. Then get a bandanna and fold it into a triangle and tie it around your pup’s neck. 
  4. Note that a human bandana may not fit that well but you can see here how to make the doggie kind
  5. Get a rope and either put it in the pocket of the jacket and have it sticking out or curl it into a swirl and staple it to the side of the jacket.
  6. Look at the picture of Indiana Jones and add whatever you want to make your pup look just like him.

by Alyssa from Sublimity, OR 

Large Homemade Dog Costume Ideas

Homemade Dog Ballerina Costume

Here are the simple steps used for this homemade dog ballerina costume:


  • Pink one-piece from Walmart (children’s large)
  • White ribbon 
  • Tulle for the tutu
  • Necklace (optional)

Make sure you check out our other page for more large dog halloween costume ideas.

Favorite Sports Team Dog Apparel

Want to have your dog show off your favorite sports team?

You may not have to buy anything to make the two costumes below. The cloth came from the legs off an old pair of brown corduroy pants (I used the inside part because the outside had stains on it.) The cream-colored ribbon was rescued at a wedding it was dumped in the trash. The fabric glue and red ribbon were bought years ago.

A Boston Red Sox dog costume idea.
Homemade dog costume: Red Sox logos

I found free pictures on the web, resized them, and then pasted them onto a cloth background with the fabric glue (Liquid Stitch in this case). 

A Boston Bruins dog costume.
Boston Bruins mascot and logo make an eyecatching dog costume.

Then I glued on the ribbons to serve as decoration and to make ties for around the dog’s torso. You will likely also want to add ribbon lengths to the top of the cloth pieces to create ties for around the dog’s neck.

You may want to accessorize your dog costume. Check out our DIY dog accessories.

More Small and Medium Homemade Dog Costume Ideas

  • Angel: Anonymous contributor -My 14-year-old dachshund dressed up as an angel last Halloween. She was soo cute. Sorry, I do not have a picture.
    To make this homemade dog costume, get white fabric, gold pipe cleaners (2), wire, and a sewing machine.
    Sew a coat out of the white fabric.
    Next, with the wire make the outline of a wing; then put white fabric on top.
    To make the halo, get the pipe cleaners and make a circle, fasten it on by attaching another pipe cleaner to the halo, and then attach that to the costume.
  • Ballerina (M): Leah from Perkin, IL, contributed a totally different idea for a ballerina dog costume – I bought cheap, disposable luffas from Walmart. I took off the string and had some webbing. From there I took craft wire and weaved it through the holes! Now we have the tutu. I then took a silk camisole and sewed the tutu to the bottom. Paired with pink booties and a tiara this makes a simple, fun, and cheap costume!
  • Build a Bear (E): This came from Edan R. in Toronto, Canada – I have a puppy named Buster. His breed is a mix of a  Shih-Tzu and a Poodle. I got him the week of Halloween so I decided to dress him up in build-a-bear clothes! I put him in a bathrobe and bunny slippers! He looked so cute – and I got the idea of dressing him up at this website. 
  • Christmas Present (E): Use a small child’s T-shirt. Make sure the shirt fits your pet snugly but not too tight. Draw or color a box and glue or sew it to the shirt (while it’s off the dog). Put it on your dog – there’s your Christmas present!
  • Magic Fairy: Ashley from Kentucky says – All you need is an old sweater or sweatshirt (pink or purple is best for a fairy), wire [bendable], and mesh [fine fabric, plastic, or wire]. 
    Measure the back of your dog and from the neck to the front leg. Remove one sleeve from the sweater/sweatshirt and cut to the length of the first measurement. Cut the armholes in the widest part, adding an extra 2″ for small dogs and 4″ for larger dogs.
    [Test it on your dog to make sure the shirt you created fits.]
    Now take the wire and make two wing outlines. 
    Cut the mesh to fit the outlines and fasten on by folding (if wire mesh) with glue, ties, or by sewing. 
    Add the wings to the back of the shirt – sew on.
    You can add sparkles and jewels onto the outfit.
  • Sun Dress (M): Breezy wrote to us as follows – My dog costume idea is a sundress with short sleeves. The pattern should be a beach with a dachshund on it and sunset in the back. I think it should have a small adjustable strap under its belly to make the dress bigger or smaller. For an accessory it should have a bandana that helps keep it cool – any color.
  • Schoolgirl (M): Yal from Lakeland, Florida, sent in the photo at right to help us visualize how to make a dog costume out of a girl’s school uniform!
  • Of course, you could extrapolate this idea to other types of uniforms that children of either sex may wear, whether it be for school,  Boy or Girl Scouts/Guides, Campfire, etc…
Schoolgirl dog costume on a form

Suggestions For Accessories To Outfits

If your dog prefers not to wear anything on his or her body, or you want to dress up an everyday outfit such as a dog coat, sweater, or dress to turn it into a homemade dog costume, consider some of the following:

  • Dog bows – especially for small to medium dogs.
  • Dog braids – this was suggested by Lynn of Belvidere, IL – Braid two matching sets of three strips of cloth together. Sew them to a band that fits over your dog’s head. (You could use fleece, thick yarns, burlap, or other types of fiber – anything that is not too stiff when you plait or braid it.)
  • Decorative dog collars – great for any size dog.
  • Dog hats – works for any size – measure the distance between the ears for the best fit.
  • Dog jewelry – we offer a couple of projects to get you started.
  • Dog tiara – Take a strip of curved plastic from a yogurt or margarine container that fits your dog’s head comfortably. Staple thin elastic to the ends. Cut out a piece of cardboard from a cereal box to make a tiara design – bend the bottom to fit the plastic piece and tape or glue it on. Add fabric to cover and glitter. (Make sure the glitter is fully dry before putting it on your dog.)
  • Wings: Clare, who lives in the U.S., says: To make an awesome dog costume make wings out of felt with cardboard supports. This is really cute because it looks like the wings are flapping when your dog walks! [You’ll have to figure out how to attach them. Also note that this may be frightening for some dogs so monitor closely.]

Our Pinterest board on Dog Costumes also has some great photos and tutorials and, lastly, here’s a website with some really quick and easy ideas.

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