Homemade Dog Remedies

Interested in homemade dog remedies?

We have all sorts of remedies for dog conditions including: 

Dog Odors and Cleanliness

Let’s start with a homemade product to remove pet odors and stains from carpeting

There is also homemade shampoo information covering ideas such as how to get rid of fleas and how to deodorize a dog that’s been skunked or rolled in poop. Other homemade dog remedies include effective, low-cost shampoos to keep your dog clean, or soothe itchy skin.

For bad doggy breath, Alana from New York suggests giving your dog fresh parsley. If the bad breath persists, be sure to check the dog’s mouth and teeth for problems. If you don’t see any there, there may be a health issue with the dog’s gut or liver so do get a vet to check it out.

What about all that fur that gets shed? Here are some of our ideas to make your own dog hair remover from clothes and furniture.

Or how about minimizing shedding with this remedy and using our suggestion for a cheap de-furring brush that works as well as commercial varieties?

Lifestyle Homemade Dog Remedies

A Chiweenie showing off her clean teeth.
Our playful Chiweenie showing off her clean teeth

In addition, there are lifestyle remedies which involve preventive care by paying attention to:

Two other considerations:

  1. Dog safety – as your dog’s keeper, be aware of things that could harm your dog, including other dogs or animals, car accidents, stairs, people with guns, and poisonous substances or plants.
  2. Medical and dental dog insurance – this can provide the means to take care of your dog for preventative care, chronic conditions and emergency situations. Insurance could literally be a matter of the dog’s life or death in some cases, and it may go a long way toward protecting your wallet too!

Visitors’ Homemade Dog Remedies

Once your dog has a health challenge, there are many natural remedies that can be followed rather than using medications with nasty side effects.

These include homemade dog remedies submitted by our visitors (scroll down the page or click on the links) to help relieve or heal:

Looking for an easy way to administer pills? Check out these Dog Pill Pocket ideas by Jill from Florida and Catherine from California.

If you have an idea of your own, please pay it forward and submit it through the form at the bottom of this page.

Homemade Dog Remedies for Skin Problems

Tick and Flea Repellant, Fox Terrier Owner from Cape Town, South Africa

Since I started using this remedy on my fox terrier his coat is glossy and he has not had a single tick or flea. 

Prepare the aloe.  Cut one leaf.  Remove the thorns.  Mash the leaf or put it in a processor.

Instead of shampooing my dog  I rub him all over with a mixture of 1/4 cup glycerine and I aloe leaf. Rub for at least 10  minutes and rinse off with warm water. 

Works for us.  We hope you find it useful.

For a healthy dog coat and skinJohn the Doggai from Waverly, MN, recommends the following:

Tried and True

One of the best oil products for a dog’s coat is wheat germ oil. Next best is 1/4 tsp of plain olive oil mixed onto the dog-food ration every other day.  Or even every other day. Or just the days with a T in it. 
They don’t need the oil every day!!!

Flea and Tick Control by June

I found that Avon’s Skin So Soft works well to moisturize dry skin and rid the dog of unwanted fleas. 

Olive oil helps the tick back out of the sucking hole, then die. Use a Qtip, put olive oil on it, smear it all over the tick. They breathe through their skin, this causes them to die from lack of air. It might take a day or two but is well worth waiting for results.

Hot Spot Treatment by Kim from Halfmoon Bay, B.C., Canada

Having two golden retrievers, hot spots can be a problem and expensive going to the vet for treatment. 

This absolutely works and clears up hot spots in a day or two.

1. Clip and/or shave the infected area.

2. Clean the area with hydrogen peroxide or saline.

3. Cover the infected area with Gold Bond Foot Powder, ( the original one in the green plastic shaker bottle)e, 4 x day

4. Put a cone on your dog.


Homemade Dog Tick Remedy by Forrest W., Delta, B.C.

I read about & tried this for my dog:

Mix 2 parts water to 1 part tea-tree oil, (found at almost any drugstore.) Put in a spritz-bottle, and spritz on every time they are going out. Also works for humans, so do your shoes and up legs to knees too! Simple disinfectant, not harmful! …and relatively cheap, too! (Bonus!!)  Austin’s dog-mom

Jo’s note: Tea tree oil can cause problems if licked or if it is too concentrated, per the Comment from a Visitor below.

Sharlen's dog and cat stay healthier with a little coconut oil added to their food

Itchy Hotspots and General Health by Sharlen Van Wert, Lancaster, SC

Coconut oil. Also good for cat hairballs passing in the bowel movement, not thrown up, and for dogs digestion. A little dab will do for both cats and dogs about once a week. Coconut oil has many beneficial uses for pets and for human uses.

Homemade Remedies for Muscles & Bones

Alfalfa tablets – Cheap, effective in preventing and curing hip dysplasia by Denise from Albion, New York

Alfalfa help prevent hip dysplasia in dogs.
AKC, St. Bernard shown here  shaved for summer and sporting in the snow!

Lucy is a wonderful “gentle giant”..never hyper or barking to break off your ears..but forbidding enough that people haven’t decided to break in our house. 

We bought a book, Natural Pet Cures (Robert Goldstein VMD) for dogs and cats..and have been giving Lucy alphalfa tablets, p.167, for prevention of hip displasia, a common skeletal disease in large breed dogs. Of course, poor nutrition or lack of exercise will contribute to this problem… Dogs needs at least 20 minutes a day of good exercise. It’s good for us…and great for them. 

We also give her 1000 mg fish oil for her coat and her heart. I recommend this book as it’s informative and simple…it will save you many $$$. Although Lucy ate part of this book as a puppy…lol…I have taped it together and would never throw it out.

Leg supports for GSD with DM by Geraldine (Brisbane, Australia)

Our German Shepard has DM (degenerative myelopathy). To help his rear end balance I made leg wraps for his rear pasterns from seatbelt over-the-shoulder protectors. I added some extra velcro so they were able to be adjusted and made firm, like a human bandage. I cut them in half to suit the length of his pastern so I got two from each one. 

We found the extra support helps him stay on his feet longer, and it also helps protect his paws from injury. I used the fake wool ones, but sheep skin ones would be good too – they may not stand up so well to lots of washing. Make sure you do the velcro up before washing or they will attach to other things in the wash!

Doggy Massage Pillow by Sydney (New York)

This is a great accessory for a dog who has a broken bone or a hurt body part. First you take a big sheet of fabric and fold it in half to make the pillow shape. Then sew three of those sides up and fill it with rice….. now you have a doggy massage pillow that will feel great when your dog rubs against it!

Jo’s comments: Lovely idea, Sydney! However, I would suggest that for a dog that likes to chew you use a double layer of fabric – the first something really sturdy such as the fabric used for backpacks. This should prevent rice ending up all over the place. The outer layer could be something nice and soft such as fleece. 

Homemade Dog Remedies for Teeth Cleaning 

Lisa from Rigby, Idaho shared the following tip:

After reading Jo’s article on dental care for your dog, I wanted to share a tip I ran across by accident.

My dog eats kibble, raw neck bones and raw meat. To keep the meat fresh and as a treat in the summer I giver her the meat frozen. I make sure she eats it all so that it doesn’t go bad by sitting out. Our Vet commented that my dogs teeth look really good for a dog her age and I told him about the frozen meat. Chewing on the frozen meat gives her teeth a good scrub and the gums get a good massage. If you give your dog a raw diet you may want to try freezing the meat. I wouldn’t say it replaces a good teeth cleaning but it works well for my dog in between cleanings. 

If you give your dog a raw diet you may want to try freezing the meat. I wouldn’t say it replaces a good teeth cleaning but it works well for my dog in between cleanings. 

Also, if you haven’t read Viki’s tip about her “Wonderful Doggie Teeth Cleaner” you should. I am going to try that one too.

Homemade Dog Remedies for Ear Problems

Yeast Infections in a Dog’s Ear submitted by Cyndi M. from Oregon:

Our Jack Russell suffers from recurring yeast infections in his ears with flare-ups every few weeks, and the medication can be so expensive. I was told of a way to keep ear mites away in cats and thought, “What the hell, rubbing alcohol kills infections in wounds – maybe it will work.”

So I took a cotton ball and dipped it in the rubbing alcohol and cleaned both of his infected ears. He has not had a flare-up now in 6 months. Each time his ear seems to start bothering him, I use the alcohol and no flare-ups – it’s been a very cheap way to keep him from suffering and there have been no side effects.

KJN talked about a remedy for Recurring Itchy Ears, which sparked off quite a discussion that may be well worth reading.

1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 apple cider or white vinegar, dribbled and massaged into ear canal after each bath every couple weeks, per a vet friend’s advice.

No Fail Dog Ear Cleaner for Yeast Infection – also anonymously contributed.

Mix witch hazel into a 1oz bottle with 3-4 drops of pure essential lavender oil.  Clean ear with this and a cotton ball, then take a probiotic pill that you would use for yourself.  Break the tablet in half and sprinkle half of the contents in the ear.  The witch hazel will dry it out, the lavender will heal it, and the probiotic will kill the yeast!  A better diet of grain-free food or raw will also help!  

Homemade Dog Remedies For Eye Problems

Chamomile for Dog Eyewash by Ellen from San Fernando, California

Our dog got into some roadside weeds and scratched his eye. His eye clouded over. We thought he might lose his sight. The vet recommended drugs that I thought were overkill and they did not work anyway. ( He is a good vet-very kind and knowledgeable.) I used a chamomile tea eyewash when it looked like it was not recovering on its own. Its easy to do, the dog can even drink it for good measure and our dog did not mind. I also kept the area clean. His eye is totally recovered.

Homemade Dog Remedies for Wounds 

Side Effect Free Dog Antiseptic by Alina from India

Well, we live in India, so it can be hard to find commercial pet products, including any kind of antiseptics. My mother always uses a mix of turmeric powder and water. She takes a stainless steel tablespoon and fills it halfway with turmeric powder and the rest with water. She keeps the spoon directly over the stovetop and lets it heat up till it forms a nice yellow paste. Then you can apply the paste to the cut or injury and it will cake up and seal the cut. You can also sprinkle some in your pet’s food or water as long as he doesn’t mind the color. 

Turmeric can be found in the spice section of your grocery store or at an Indian grocery store, and it has absolutely no side effects.