Homemade Dog Sweaters

Homemade dog sweaters add a special touch!

It may seem easier to buy a sweater, but the satisfaction of having made something for your dog to wear is priceless!

French bulldog in homemade dog sweater.
Sweater based on one of our free knitting patterns

You can knit or crochet one, using our free, basic dog sweater patterns like Nellie from Washington did when she knitted the red sweater at right for her Frenchie, Sarah.

Or you can simply repurpose an old knit top to fit your dog.

Create a one-of-a-kind dog sweaters with complete control over the yarns and colors you use.

Add your imagination regarding the design and you’ll have a unique item to show for it!

Remember that these make wonderful gifts. In this day of instant everything, your effort should mean a lot.

Note that our patterns are not given in size ranges – we would rather teach you the skills to customize them to your dog(s).

Our Free Dog Sweater Patterns

Here’s my latest creation for a Chihuahua sized dog, a Valentine’s Day Doggie Sweater – but of course you can make it at any time and feel free to adapt it for a larger dog!

Valentines dog sweater DIY

A one piece crocheted dog sweater
Pebble’s Crocheted Sweater uses pale yellow yarn to make a one-piece sweater adapted from a Doggone Knit pattern.

Homemade dog sweaters with a fall theme.
Autumn Knitted Dog Sweaterdesigns were created with chains of single crochet. Directions are given to provide your dog with a custom fit garment.

Christmas tree pattern for homemade dog sweater
Christmas tree pattern design, instructions here. Based on the knitted Autumn-Halloween sweater made for our Chiweenie, Pebble.

Christmas bow motif with directions here (scroll down). This one uses Pebble’s pale yellow crocheted sweater shown below as the base sweater.

Beginner dog sweater for large dogs.
Comet’s knitted sweater – used for Sarah’s sweater – this is made up of several sections, laced together when completed, which help beginners learn different ways to use knit and purl stitches.
one-piece knitted sweater created for Pebble.

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Some tips for making homemade dog sweaters

  1. To make homemade dog sweaters inexpensively, use leftover yarn or check the local thrift stores for good buys if you don’t have enough yarn remnants. Also, consider asking people you know if they have any skeins they are not planning to use.
  2. Always make a test swatch to determine how many stitches and rows per inch you create when using a new type of yarn or changing needle size. We suggest 20 stitches across and at least 10 rows to get the most accurate idea
  3. Like many fibers, yarn loves to tangle and knot up. Pull the yarn end from the center of the skein rather than grabbing the end of the outside.
  4. To keep the yarn clean, place it in a basket or bag while you are working with it.
  5. To keep track of how many rows or stitches you have done, use a different color piece of yarn or a wire twistie after a certain number that you decide upon.
  6. Be patient with your progress – walk away if you feel your frustration level mounting or if you become noticeably tired. Avoid setting a deadline for completion if it is going to stress you out.
  7. Be realistic – you will most likely have to pull stitches out and redo sections, especially if it is a new pattern or you are a beginner.
  8. When making homemade dog sweaters, keep it fun by following the above tips! Pat yourself on the back for what you have been able to complete rather than how far you still have to go… Taking photos at each stage may help – and of course, we’d love to show off your creation on our site!

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First off check out the instant sweater from an old turtleneck at left made by one of our readers.

For patterns that have been created by others, click on the links below for a brief summaryof each. 

Our reviews include whether a pattern looks easy enough for a beginner or is for more advanced knitters and crocheters.

Homemade dog sweater cut down from human turtleneck.