DIY Cheese Dog Treat Ideas

What dog doesn’t love cheese? Here you will find a collection of reader submissions for how to make dog cheats that contain cheese.

The great thing is, a lot of these recipes won’t require more than what you already have in your refrigerator and your cabinets.

Let’s get started.

Homemade Cheesy Dog Treats

Doggy Sandwich

by Anna 
(United States)

Ingredients: one or a half of one milk bone or other dog treat, peanut butter or other paste, cheese

1. Wrap the milk bone in the cheese
2. Paste the cheese closed with peanut butter
3. Enjoy!

See how easy this recipe is? My dogs loved it! My large breed gobbled up his half but the smaller pup took it apart because he couldn’t fit it in his mouth. I recommend half a treat for small breeds and a whole or half for medium or large breeds.

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Cheesy dog treats

by Emily 

Who said that dog treats or food is boring? This recipe is very good for training. All you need is cheese and dog food or dog treats.

How to bake it:
First put the dog treat(s) or food on a plate
Then put cheese on top of the dog food or treat(s).
After that put it in the microwave for 10-20 seconds.
Finally there is a treat every dog will love! 

Editor’s note: Thank you for this idea, Emily! Just be sure to limit how much cheese your dog gets in a day, especially if it’s a small dog. (Maybe only a dot of cheese is needed on each dog treat.) 

Also, be sure that the cheesy dog treats are entirely cooled down before feeding them to a dog. Microwaves can heat things unevenly and one part can be very hot while the other part feels cold.

Homemade doggy treat:
Biscuits and Cheese

by Tabitha 
(Helena, Montana, USA)

Take a biscuit and apply cream cheese to it.
Take another biscuit and put it on top.
This takes aproximately 30 seconds.

Yep, it’s that easy to make a homemade doggy treat!

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Easy to Make Dog Treats: Puppy Cupcake!

by Mia 
(New York City, NY, USA)

This is a simple recipe for easy to make dog treats that requires no oven!

You will need:
one piece of bread
cream cheese
peanut butter
carrots and/or meat bits

Cut the piece of bread into four square pieces.
Take one square piece and add a layer of peanut butter on it. 
Take another square piece and put it on top.
Spread a layer of cream cheese then add carrots and/or meat bits on top as “sprinkles”. You can use the other two pieces of bread for another cupcake or to add more layers.

Try different things and enjoy!
It’s a perfect birthday treat too!! 🙂

Hello Mia,
Thank you for your Puppy Cupcake recipe! It does indeed sound like a good dog birthday treat as well. 

We would like to recommend that you use all natural, unsalted peanut butter for any easy to make dog treats. Cream cheese that is lower in fat is also better for your dog. You did not say what type of bread should be used – a sprouted wheat, rye or whole wheat bread would be the healthier option.

When feeding this tall sandwich to your dog, keep in mind that small dogs need very little when receiving a treat – so you may need to cut it into small morsels, feed only one or two tiny pieces at a time, and then refrigerate the rest of the Puppy Cupcake.

Some additions to the cream cheese and other spreads that could work can be seen on our No Bake Treats page. 

Thanks again for sharing your recipe!


Home Made “Pill Pockets”

by Viki Gentilman 
(Bryceville, FL)


•3/4 cup plain shredded wheat cereal

•3 ounces Liverwurst (room temperature)

•2 ounces cream cheese (room temperature)


•Place shredded wheat in a bag and crush by using a rolling pin

•Mix liverwurst and cream cheese together until smooth 

•Mix with shredded wheat 

•Roll into small balls (the size of gum drops) 

•Store in the refrigerator in a re-sealable plastic bag or container

•Treats will last about 7 to 10 days

Hello again, Viki!

This delicious sounding recipe is sure to be a hit with most dogs. We are assuming that you administer this by pressing a pill into the middle of one of these balls to disguise it, hence the name home made “pill pockets.” The dog is then so eager to eat this yummy treat that it doesn’t even notice it has taken a pill in along the way! Since you are using cream cheese with the liver paste, I can see where the result would stick together very well and it would be hard for a dog to lick the pill out of there… The shredded wheat further adds to the disguise.

Many thanks for sending this in!