Homemade Pet Odor Removal Recipe

Our homemade pet odor removal recipe can show you how to remove pet odor from carpeting. The recipe also helps with removing urine stains. Furthermore, it can dispense with the odorand stains from deposited feces.

Why not try our carpet cleaner recipe? We’ve used this successfullya number of times with both cat and dog urine as well as dog doo. The stain disappears and the smell stays gone.

Phew – that Cat Pee Smell!

The first time we needed it was some years ago when we were trying to sell a former home

Unbeknownst to us, one of our cats had been repeatedly peeing in a couple of corners of the house when we weren’t home some days.

Since it was summertime, things dried out quickly, and the odor was not noticeable until cooler weather set in and we started keeping the windows shut. 

Several applications of our homemade pet odor removal recipe permanently took the cat pee smell out of the carpet, even though some of it was months old. (The surface underneath was a concrete slab.)

Not only did the odor disappear, but there was NO urine stain left in the off-white carpet. In fact, not a single realtor who came through to tour the home detected any cat urine odor or problem with the carpeting; important for us since the real estate market was starting its downslide and we knew it had to look and smell perfect for us to be able to sell it at a manageable, instead of a catastrophic, loss. 

Dog Odors Be Gone

We have had further reason to use the recipe in our latest home, this time because of Comet, our elderly German Shepherd mix. 

It became too hot to take him with us when we did errands during the day, so we began keeping him at home more.

He was not happy about this and started leaving us “presents” on the wall-to-wall carpeting in the living room. 

Since it was mostly urine or solid poop, it was quick and easy for me to mix up a batch of the recipe and take care of the problem. It has also worked with vomit.

In this case, the subfloor is plywood but, again, we have hosted groups of musicians, as well as relatives (not known for keeping mum when there’s something whiffy going on), and no one has noticedany ugly odors, nor are there visible stains in the carpet. 

Cleanup with the recipe has even worked just a half hour before we had company – I simply used more towels for blotting.

A Diar(rhea) Mess

I didn’t want to keep having to clean up after Comet, however, so I cannibalized the arms of a futon frame and created two gates to block access to the living room.

This seemed to work until one particular night in June 2010. We had barred Comet from going into the living room, but he was still able to walk from the kitchen through to my office. We had planned to be gone only a short while but instead were delayed by several hours.

He left a mess of diarrhea pileson the carpet in one corner, covering an area of about 3 by 4 feet. 

It took me about 5 gallons‘ worth of the homemade pet odor removal recipe to get that all cleaned up.

We had another episode in the living room before he passed away; this time it occurred while we were sleeping.

Since Comet was mostly deaf by then, he wasn’t whining any more when he needed to go potty, but would just stand and stare at one of us.

The odor was gone as soon as I had finished cleaning. 

There was no residual stain, despite the feces being a yellowish-green and the carpeting being a very light tan.