DIY Homemade Pooper Scoopers

Make your own homemade pooper scoopers!

This page includes several ideas, including using old plastic jugs, and a repurposed metal dustpan for yard cleanup.

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Clean and dry two discarded jugs that are the same shape. It doesn’t matter whether they are ovalround or rectangular, they just need to be able to fit into each other neatly.

A picture of a homemade pooper scooper.

The jugs must have a handle and be made of thick plastic – for example, old chlorine, clothes detergent or orange juice bottles. Milk jugs will not be thick enough.

Homemade Pooper Scoopers 1

A picture of a completed DIY pooper scooper.

This takes about 10 minutes to make.

Materials and Tools

  • Two sturdy plastic bottle with lids
  • Cutting blade: serrated knife, carpet blade, or heavy-duty scissors
  • Marking pen
Directions and template for pooper scooper.


  • Hold the bottle by the handle
  • Draw lines as shown below
  • Cut out the bottle along the lines marked, including the piece along the bottom of the bottle
  • Trim the remaining edges and round off any sharp corners
  • Make sure the scooping edge is unbroken
  • Make the second scoop

Homemade Pooper Scoopers 2

  • Cut all the way across the jug as shown at right. Cut another.
  • Trim the edges, making sure the bottom scooping edges are smooth. Use a metal file or sandpaper if necessary.

Homemade Pooper Scoopers 3

There’s another kind of homemade pooper scooper we’d like to mention, which is similar to the kind found at dog parks. This idea came from some years ago.

Basically, you take a metal dustpan, bend the handle receiving part up so it’s vertical, and then insert an old broomstick. An old hoe can be used to scrape the feces into the dustpan.

You can cut the lengths of the handles to suit your height. If you do so, sand the tops of the handles smooth to avoid splinters. 

Storing Your Scoopers

To store the homemade pooper scoopers you can:

  • Nest the scoops inside each other and leave them in a larger container such as a dedicated bucket.
  • Hang them by the handle on a nail, a hook, or a loop made of wire.

Portable Pooper Scoopers

Used plastic bags are the most efficient portable scoopers we’ve found -the hardest part is remembering to bring along bags

If you often wear a certain article of clothing when walking your dog, pre-stuff the pockets with bags so you don’t get caught without.

Also, make sure the bags have no holes in them. It’s no fun getting a smear of doggie doo on your fingers when you’re away from facilities to wash your hands!

If you like, double bag to cut down on the odor and reduce the risk of leakage.