Keep the Dog from Getting the Toilet Paper DIY Style

Protecting toilet paper roll from the dog

by Elena Torres Kruzan
(SF Bay Area, California )

My Papillion, Papi (pronounced like “poppy”), thinks that toilet paper is there for his personal enjoyment. On too many mornings, I woke to find what appeared to be the end result of a ticker-tape parade coming out of the bathroom and into the hallway. And there’d be Papi, wagging his tail as if to say “I had so much fun Mama!”.

Now I have said “NO!” and pointed to the toilet paper EVERY time he’s done this. I have been asked why I don’t just close the door, but in my house, I have a nightlight in the bathroom and need to keep it open. I had to find an inexpensive solution and fast.

a DIY solution for keeping dog from getting toilet paper.

I looked around the house and found an empty container of a household cleaning product. I removed the label, the lid, and cleaned the container thoroughly. I held the container near the paper holder so I’d know where to cut it. I also went online to see the fancy, expensive brass toilet paper covers for reference. I cut the plastic to cover about two-thirds of the paper, covered it with a piece of scrap fabric (that matched the shower curtain very nicely), making sure that three-quarters of an inch went past the back of the plastic. I then used Modge Podge to adhere the fabric and make it waterproof. (A mixture of white glue and water is a suitable alternative.)

As soon as it was well dried, it was ready to be installed. I knew that the cover had to be securely attached and after loosening the small screws that held the paper holder on the cabinet. I lined up the fabric, secured it behind the holder, and tightened the small screws.

Now that the toilet paper is decoratively protected, Papi no longer vandalizes the bathroom. He’s tried to get the paper and as long as it’s not hanging down like an invitation, the toilet paper is safe and money saved!!

Jo’s comments: This is not the first time I’ve heard of a dog going on a spree with toilet paper from the bathroom – but you are the first to come up with an effective homemade solution on this site.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us and all our worldwide visitors, Elena! Note that I have taken the liberty to enlarge the photo to help viewers see your handiwork. Please feel free to submit more ideas and/or to send in a photo or two of Papi.

I can add the photos of your dog to this page. Also, if the photo is clear enough, I will enter him into our Monthly Dog Show on our home page and put a link to this one so many more people are likely to see it.