How to Make a Dog Bed from a Foam Pad

This is a continuation of the instructions to make a dog bed from a square or rectangular foam pad. 

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Make a Dog Bed – Sewing the Pieces Together

  • Match the wrong sides of Side 2 and Side 3 along one of the shorter ends.
  • Use needle and thread and baste together along the solid line, checking to make sure you are on or close to that line on both sides.
  • Now take Side 2’s other short end, match with Side 4, and sew together.
  • Sew over the lines with the sewing machine.
  • Sew another line about 1/8″ (2 mm) outside those lines.
  • You should now have one long strip of side pieces with two seams and your length line markings should match fairly closely.
  • Take scissors and trim each seam to within 1/4″ (6.5 mm) of each outside row of stitches.

Adding the Bottom Piece

  • Take the Bottom piece and align one length against Side 4.
  • Make sure to first match the corner where Side 4 and Side 2 are joined together.
  • Starting in that corner, baste along the solid length lines.
  • Then baste Side 2 to the Bottom along the width lines.
  • From now on, always start basting at your loose end, matching it with its corner. 
  • Smooth out material in between.
  • Next baste Side 3 to the remaining length of the Bottom piece.
  • Finally, baste Side 1 to the remaining width of the Bottom piece.
  • Sew over all the lines.
  • Add a second row of stitching outside the first.
  • Trim excess material as for the Side pieces.

Adding the Velcro

  • Cut two strips of Velcro to match the remaining short ends of Sides 3 and 4.
  • Baste or glue the fuzz side of the Velcro on the good side of the material to these ends.
  • Baste or glue the hook side on the good side of the material to each short end of Side 1.
  • Cut a strip of Velcro to match the remaining width of Side 1.
  • Baste or glue the hook side to the good side of this width
  • Baste or glue the fuzzy side to the good side of one width of your Top piece.

Final Steps: Adding the Top piece and the Foam

  • Baste your Top piece along the remaining lines for Side pieces 4, 2 and 3.
  • Be careful not to baste the piece that has the Velcro attached!
  • Sew over the lines, and add your second row of stitching, then trim.
  • Turn the cover so the good side is facing out
  • Insert the foam, using a ruler or stick to poke out the corners.
  • Close up with Velcro.

Note: Your bottom piece may work better for the top of the bed. The labels were just to make it easier to distinguish which piece you were working on.

Well you’ve completed your foam dog bed and should have a happy dog! Now that you know how to make a dog bed with a cloth cover, why not make a dog bed for a car or crate a.k.a. a dog pad?