How to Make Dog Stairs for Small Spaces Like RV’s

How did the idea to make doggie stairs, mini style, come about?

Our neighbors at an RV park we were staying in, Margaret and Jack, had a dilemma. Their West Highland Yorkie, CG, was too small to get up on their bed. 

Every morning, one of them would have to get out of bed to hoist her up for a snuggle

Coincidentally, I had just built a full sized set of steps for Comet as a test model for this website (see Build Doggie Steps: Part 1).

The full size stairs were too wide for the space next to the couple’s bed, but we wanted to help them out.

Below are details as to how we took those Doggie Steps and turned them into Mini Doggie Stairs.

How Wide Should the Steps Be?

We first had to figure out how to make doggie stairs wide enough to accommodate CG but keep them narrow enough so Margaret or Jack could still walk next to their bed.

We decided on 5.5″ (140 mm), which made them close to 6″ (150 mm) wide once the carpeting was re-applied.

Narrowing the Steps

  • Removed the carpet running along the top and front of the steps
  • Cut the plywood steps and supports as straight as possible 5.5″ (140 mm) from one edge (see cut piece and markings in photo).
  • Removed the screws from the step pieces to be discarded.
  • Moved the loose side against the 5.5″ steps.
  • Screwed the new steps and loose side into the supporting 2×2 pieces
  • Made sure there was no wobble – I had to unscrew and redo to attain this.
cutting the holes for narrow DIY dog steps
The mini doggie stairs ready to be covered with carpet

Make Doggie Stairs:
Adding the Carpet

  • Cut the carpet for the back end to overlap the new width by a couple of inches
  • Covered the back flap with the side piece and tacked it all in place.
  • Cut the carpet that was to run along the tops and front of the steps to extend 3 inches (75 mm) beyond the new side.
  • Created flaps by cutting into the carpet at the corners of the steps
  • Used carpet tacks to nail the top pieces in place at the corners of the steps.
  • Tucked the flaps over the sides to make it look neat and tacked in place.
Adding carpet to the dog stairs
completed narrow dog stairs

We didn’t have time to watch CG try the finished mini doggie stairs for the first time, but Margaret and Jack reported that she took to them right away!