How to Make a DIY No Skid Dog Bowl

Make a no skid dog bowl so your dog’s food stays put!

We’ve seen Comet in some interesting poses trying to get at his dog food after his bowl slid under the couch, under a kitchen cabinet, or into a tight corner! We wanted to do something so he could count on his bowl staying in one place.

After experimenting with several types of bowls, we came up with a few workable solutions.

Solution #1 – Ring of Glue

This one requires a heavy bowl and a type of waterproof glue, such as Goop.

A dog bowl with a ring of dried glue underneath.


  • Place a ring of glue around the bottom of the bowl
  • Let dry thoroughly

The friction from the ring should be enough to keep the bowl in place.

Solution #2 – Adding Friction Cloth

Adding friction cloth to a dog bowl to make it non-skid.


  • Cut out an area of the cloth to match the bottom of the bowl in question
  • Ensure that the rougher side will make contact with the floor
  • Apply glue to the bottom of the bowl and cloth and attach the cloth
  • Wait till the glue dries before trying, or it may stick to the floor!

If the above solutions do not work properly, your dog bowl may be too light and a weight will need to be added. Instructions are below.

Solution #3 – Adding Weight to the Bowl

A ring and bowl to help the bowl from skidding.


  • Find a plate or other heavy item that comes close to matching the diameter of the bowl’s bottom
  • Use a generous amount of glue to attach this weight
  • When fully dry, add friction cloth or a ring of glue per Solution One or Two

We were fortunate to find some heavy metal rings that were the perfect size for Comet’s bowls.

Here’s a picture of his yellow bowl and the metal ring we glued to the bottom. We also glued a ring onto the black bowl featured above. This was our favorite method to create a no skid dog bowl.

Whatever solution you use, we hope both you and your dog now know where to find his or her bowl at feeding time!

Solution #4 – Create a Feeding Station Instead of a No Skid Dog Bowl

Simply create a feeding station, a special shelf for your dog’s feeding and watering area. You can cut holes so that the bowls fit in them, while still being able to be removed. This feeding station can be placed inside a cabinet, with room to store your dog’s food underneath or be freestanding.

Check out some of these examples of DIY feeding stations.

Note: For easier cleanup, we favor Solutions 1 and 3.

As a bonus, putting the bowls on a shelf gets them off the floor out of the way. No more stepping into the dog’s water bowl and having to clean up that puddle on the floor!