DIY Non-Slip Food Mat or Crate Liner


  • Non-slip carpet backing
  • Vinyl (I used an old tablecloth)
  • Pet patterned material
Black non-slip food mat or crate liner.
Bone themed non-slip food mat or crate liner.

Small mat 14″ x 12″
Medium mat 18″ x 16
Large mat 22″ x 18


  1. Cut pet patterned material to correct size (cut vinyl and non slip carpet backing 1″ smaller on all sides.)  
  2. Layer the vinyl (vinyl side up) on top of the carpet backing, then the pet material on top of this.  
  3. Turn it over, fold in all the edges and pin so it catches all the materials. 
  4. Sew along the edges.  

The pictures shows what both parts look like.

These non-slip food mats or dog crate liners are easy to wipe off and hold up to machine washing. I do not recommend drying them in a dryer though. I usually just hang them over the shower rod in the bathroom.  

I have made these in all sizes and made some for my vet’s office because they help the animals stay on the steel tables without slipping. It also makes the animals feel more secure. 

Peggy, thank you so much for taking the time to send in these instructions with photos. They look like very useful items for both home applications as well as in veterinary hospitals and clinics. I would think they would also come in handy in cars to protect upholstery or carpeting. I imagine our visitors would have other uses as well – how about it – any other uses for this great dog accessory? Just add your ideas in the Comments section, please… Jo