DIY Personalized Dog Gift Ideas

Create an inexpensive, unique personalized dog gift!

Looking for inspiration to add a personal touch to your gift for a dog lover? On a tight budget? You’ve come to the right place!

Some ideas we share include:

  • Dog gifts made from wood
  • Unique handmade items from fabrics and yarns
  • Items incorporating treats (see below)

Personalized Dog Treat Gift Ideas

Personalized Dog Cookie Cutter

Dog shaped cookie in the making

Make your own cookie cutter shapes in the outline of the dog breed(s) belonging to your dog-loving friend or family member. 

All you’ll need to make one or more of these dog cookie cutters are used plastic containers like the kind used for yogurt or sour cream, etc.

Now make up a batch of dough using your favorite dog biscuit or cookie recipe.

Personalized Dog Gift Jars with Treats

GIFT JAR 1 by Mercedes from Houston, TX 

  • First you take an empty peanut butter jar. 
  • Make sure you clean it out very well.
  • To decorate, just use cut outs of dog bones, dog paws and so forth. I used a small laminator before gluing the cut outs on the jar.

It’s as simple as that. Very sturdy for treats.

GIFT JAR 2Some of Jo’s ideas

Remove the label from an empty glass jar.

Decorate the jar with:

  • candle wax 
  • photos or pictures from magazines
  • sequins or beads, feathers, ribbon, glitter etc.

Fill it with dog treats, either store bought or homemade

Remember that treats can include baked goodies and firm cheeses, as well as homemade jerky, bones, or dried fruits.Cover the top with a lid, or a pretty piece of plastic or tissue paper, and secure it with a rubber (elastic) band.

Treat Can

by Angie M. from Takomie Park, MD, U.S.

  • Make a cylinder out of a sheet of thick construction paper. 
  • Then cut two circles with scissors on another sheet, making sure they are a little bigger than the ends of the cylinder. Tape or glue in place.
  • Make a small hole in one end of the cylinder to shake the treats out.
  • Now it is time for decorating (my favorite part!) You can get a piece of regular white paper and write TREATS on it with markers. You can put stickers on it or put a picture of your dog. Use your imagination. Be creative. 
  • Fill the can with treats!

Dog Treat Gift Basket

A personalized dog gift basketcan be a bit more elaborate as you can fit so many more things inside it. For example, you could include several decorated treat jars with fun shaped biscuits or different types of inexpensive treats

Feel free to add non-food items, such as a handmade crocheted or knitted dog collarleash, or leg warmer as described below.

You can leave these items unwrapped, use wrapping or tissue paper, or else cover them with pictures from old dog magazines.

Note that thrift stores are often an excellent source of inexpensive baskets. If you’re not sure what size you’ll need, pick out a couple. A basket that is too large can have tissue paper or balls of yarn as filler.

Gifts Made From Fabrics & Yarns

Personalized Dog Gift Bandanas

Our single-layer and basic double-layer bandanas are very easy to make from a wide scrap piece of cloth (about 48 inches or 1220 mm for a big dog). If your cloth isn’t wide enough, simply sew more than one piece together. The cloth only needs to be between 9 and 12 inches in height.

If you use a plain colored fabric for the background, you can add the dog’s name to personalize it, using glittery fabric glue or embroidering it in a contrasting color.

Personalized Collar or Leash

Carefully selected yarn colors of the same thickness that look good together; then weave or braid an attractive collar with matching leash for a small dog!

Use a buckle and a metal ringfrom a thrift store belt to make it functional.

If you’re more into sewing, then follow our instructions for the nylon dog collar using whatever fabric that is sturdy enough you’d like. 

It should be fairly simple to add the dog’s name or dog-related designs such as bones or doghouses with fabric glue or embroidery.

Personalized dog collar made of yarn
personalized dog leash made of yarn.
Personalized dog sock for comet the German Shepard

Personalized Knitted Dog Sweater or Socks

Either buy or make a dog sweater or knit Comet’s socks

Take some yarn in a contrasting color and embroider the dog’s name on it (I used chain stitch in the photo shown). You can also crochet separate chains of stitches and then use glue to attach the letters.

If need be, use a piece of chalk or outline the name with pins first so it comes out the way you want.  

Personalized Dog Beds

That’s right, you can custom make a dog bed! Here’s one that’s practically free to make if you have a couple of old couch cushions – perhaps from a couch that the receiver of the gift would recognize!

If you want to make a bed from scratch or just make an easy dog pad, go to make your own dog bed for ideas. 

If you have the means to buy a dog bed, simply find a way to add the dog’s name to the sides of the bed. You could use strips of quilted or rolled fabric to make the letters and glue or sew them to the bed. Also consider adding an outside pocket in a matching fabric.

Personalized Dog Gifts From Wood

Dog Refrigerator Magnet

We think these balsa wood refrigerator magnets are not only a cinchto make but can wow someone if you make them look like dogs you both know!

Consider writing the dog’s name near the base of the silhouette to make things crystal clear.

Dog House Face Lift

Does a friend or relative dog have a dog house that’s looking dreary? Offer to spruce it up with non-toxic paint and add the dog’s name to the front. 

Or if you like to build and want to get fancy, consider adding a deck with a porch or some gingerbread trim.

Doggie Steps or Ramp

Doggie steps or an indoor dog ramp personalized to the layout of someone’s home could be a very useful, long remembered gift for both the dog lover and their dog. 

If this is to be a surprise, you’ll need to enlist help from someone else in their household so that you can get the appropriate measurements

As you can see, making a personalized dog gift can be a simple endeavor or take you many hours, as you choose. Now that you have some of my ideas, I bet you can come up with ones of your own! Feel free to share them here.