DIY Pet Chew Toy Ideas with Treats

Looking for pet chew toy ideas? Below are some GREAT IDEAS to make your own inexpensive chew toys with treats. 

These have all been submitted by generous website visitors!

Our Famous Dog Toy by Kaitlen and Bree (Wisconsin, U.S.)

We took a water bottle and we poked little holes in it. Then we put treats in the water bottle, tied a string around the top, and hung it from a tree. 

Our dog, Red (pictured at left) loved it!

Cardboard Pressies by Jess Mitchell (Melbourne, Australia) 

This makes a fun pet chew toy. Any cardboard box will do, from cereal, icy poles, dog treats, tissue boxes etc.
Simply put some smelly treats, or his/her favourite toy into the box, tape it up so the items can’t fall out, and make sure you put a few holes/cuts in the box, so the dog can get a stronger scent. 

And that’s it, this will only last for a few minutes until they rip the box apart and eat their goodies.

Socks and More by Kirstin (10 years old when she sent this) 

Materials you will need:
1.A nice-sized paper bag.
2.Some toilet or paper towel roll tubes. ( Just the tubes!)

How to make it:
First tear of some of the paper bag then twist it and put it into the paper tubes (it’s a good sign if it comes out each end about an inch).
Then if you want to you can put some treats inside of the tubes!(Dogs love that!)
Then put the tube inside of the sock(s) and tie it off.
Now let the fun begin!!

How will your dog like it and how long will it last?

They’ll have a ball!! Their favorite thing to do with this type of pet chew toy is to play tug-of-war with you or their other doggie friends! It won’t last long though – your dogs will really enjoy ripping it apart – so make plenty!

Things to watch out for:

This is the bad part of the toy, once they’ve torn it apart it’s all over the place BUT the good news is that they usually only rip it into big pieces so it’s pretty easy to clean up.

Fun Pet Chew Toy: Roly Poly by Dunja Vajs

1 used up roll of toilet paper (the cardboard bit)
Some magazine paper (or normal paper, but magazine paper is more durable)
Duct tape
Snacks (any type of snack that is appropriate for the dog is good)

My puppy eats plants sometimes as he is bored. I just finished a roll of toilet paper and a great pet chew toy idea popped into my head. I took the toilet paper roll and cut a hole in the middle of it. I then put some snacks into it and taped the magazine paper on the two open ends of the cardboard roll. The hole was big enough to let the snacks out, if you shook it firmly. 

My puppy had so much fun trying to chew it and release the snacks – it was so funny watching him chase it all around the deck! I hope you enjoy it too:) It lasted about 10-15 minutes and is worth it if you have a little mischievous puppy like mine. The toy is good for all shapes and sizes.

Make A Great Pet Chew Toy  by Anonymous 

Find a hollow ball. Poke holes in it and then cut it in two. Put cheese or meat… anything your dog likes to eat inside, then close the ball & have your dog try to chew it open!

Cardboard Treat Dog Toy by Allison (Nashotah, Wisconsin) 

What You Need:
-Cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tube
-Dog Treat
-String (optional) 

How To Make It:
Poke some holes in the cardboard tube, put the treat(s) inside, and twist the ends of the cardboard tube (with the treat inside). If your dog is pretty quick at toys or is pretty destructive, you can poke holes in the ends of the tube and tie string through the holes and around the ends. Ta-Da! Note: If you use the string, make sure your dog doesn’t swallow it. 

How long does it last and how do my dogs like it?
I have two dogs, and it takes my destructive dog about 8 minutes and my gentle dog about 15 minutes. They both love it! 

Comment by Viki, June 2009
Beware of cardboard tubes for a pet chew toy…for THIS reason…smiles… Dogs love surprises in cardboard tubes, but they will come to recognize the smell of said cardboard tubes and EXPECT there to be a surprise in them…which can lead to shredded toilet papers and paper towels in a mad rush of excitement to “get the treat”. I found this out the HARD way…ha!!

Bentley’s Fun Day With A Chew Toy by Isis (United States)

So I was really bored and Bentley was just staring at me so I decided to make a toy for him. I went online and I saw all these cool toys you can make and I realized I had none of these items. 

Of course my parents wouldn’t take me, a 12-year-old, to the store sooooo….. I found one of Bentley’s toys that had a little hole in the bottom and I didn’t want to cut open his toy so I stuffed a crumbled treat in the little hole and he is still playing with it as I type!!!!

Snackin’ Sock by Anonymous 

First,if you have an old sock that doesn’t fit, use that. Now if you have dog treats (any kind) that will work. Now take the sock stuff it with dog treats. 

If you want you can use a water bottle with the snacks, but of course the water bottle has to be empty. If your dog is a puppy then the water bottle will probably feel good on his/her teeth.

Once you have the treats in, tie a very tight knot. Give it to your dog and you’re done, but be careful if your dog likes to chew things, you don’t want them to eat the sock, and if your dog is aggressive, then be very careful trying to get the toy away!

A Delicious Idea: Chewy by Shavani (Georgia, United States)

Squash some meat and roll a bone in it then put bacon* on it. 

* Editor’s note: Be careful feeding your dog bacon. Many dogs cannot handle the fattier pork products such as bacon and hot dogs and can actually get very sick from them. 

PB Sock!! by Carley (Manassas, Virginia, United States)

Hi I am a big dog person with 2 puppies and a dog. Did I mention their two favorite things are eating food and chewing? So I invented a PB sock!

2 spoon fulls of peanut butter
A long sock ( a knee sock) 

1- Open the sock ( obviously) 
2- Put the peanut butter in it
3- Smash it to the bottom 
4- Tie a knot where the peanut butter stops
5- Make sure the knot is super tight and won’t come undone 
6- Freeze YOUR PB sock for about 2 hours or until it’s solid 
7- When your PB sock is worn down, just simply replace it 

Hope your dog(s) will love this pet chew toy. 

P.S. If your dog is food aggressive give it to him/her separately! 

Doggie Peanut Butter Chew Toy  by Amy (Ireland)

What you will need:
6 pairs of big socks
peanut butter
5 minutes

1. Tie all the socks together.
2. When they are all tied together make two more big knots so they form something like a ball.
3. Smear peanut butter over it.
4. Give to your dog to enjoy!

Goodie Bottle  by Emily (Wisconsin, United States)

Well if your dog likes food then this is really a simple homemade pet chew toy: 

If you drink soda then take a soda bottle with the cap removed and then put small chunks of your dog’s favorite treat in it! For extra enjoyment mix a couple of different treats. Also if you choose, take a nail and poke holes in the bottom so they can smell the treats but can’t get them. 

Treats That Work Well:
Moist training treats
Dog Kibble
Tiny Milk-Bone Biscuits
Apple Cubed Small

Note: We do not recommend bacon, deli meats, or hot dogs since some dogs have a big reaction and end up in emergency care from pork-related meats.