How to Make a Quick Dog Leash

We had to make a quick dog leash for Comet a few years ago.

One of the previous leashes we made for him, the Comfortable Dog Leash melted when the travel trailer we were towing caught fire due to the brakes locking up.

Thank goodness we had time to get ourselves and Comet out of the car and rescued most of our belongings as well.

Back home, we found a length of yellow braided poly rope and a spare metal snap. We had a functional dog lead within five minutes!

However, we found it could be rough on our hands each time Comet saw a cat (training was not our strong suit at the time), so we added a spare piece of rubber hose to make a comfortable handle.

Materials & Tools

  • 6.5 feet (1950mm) of nylon or polypropylene braided rope
  • A metal snap strong enough for your dog
  • Colored plastic or black electrical tape
  • About 6 inches (210mm) black rubber or clear plastic hose
  • [Diameter and length not critical, just needs to fit over rope and feel comfortable to your hand] A wet cloth
  • A lighter or matches

Quick Dog Leash Instructions

The Snap End

  1. Melt the ends of the rope slightly.
  2. Use the wet cloth to pinch the melted ends to fuse them.
  3. *Make sure no younger children are watching or, if they are, put the lighter or matches in a locked cabinet or place they absolutely can’t reach.
  4. Thread one end through the bottom of the snap.
  5. Take this end and curl it over the main part of the rope.
  6. Pull it through the loop you made.
  7. Now curl the free end under then up around the main part.
  8. Push it through the loop that forms.
  9. Pull the knots tight against the snap.
  10. You should have about 1.5 to 2 inches of end left.
  11. Tape it firmly to the rope.

How to Make the Leash Handle

  • Thread the remaining free end through the rubber hose
  • Tie a knot at the end, leaving about an inch
  • Fold over that inch and tape it to the main rope.
rubber tube over nylon rope to make the dog handle leash

That’s all there is to this one – just snap it on and off you go!

To hold this quick dog leash shorter, slide the handle down and loop the rope in your other hand.

To lock the handle in a particular place, just fold it over in half and hold it firmly.

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