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User submitted DIY dog dress.
Adorable doggie birthday outfit by Amber from Texas

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Protecting TP From Dog Attack: Papi’s Toilet Paper Party 
My Papillion, Papi (pronounced like “poppy”), thinks that toilet paper is there for his personal enjoyment. On too many mornings, I woke to find what …

Steps for pup 
A friend offered my husband and I an opportunity to open our home and hearts to a puppy who had yet to be born. We were told the puppies were a Chihuahua …

Doggie Bathrobe 
Before we begin, I just want to point out that this was a first attempt and I did not have a pattern! However, I think it turned out rather well. I …

3 -in-1 sock toy for small to extra large dogs 
Materials: An old sock(a men`s tube sock works best),a rubber ball(tennis ball can also be used),and an empty, disposable plastic water bottle. First, …

Sam’s “Cool” Kennel 
Gets pretty darn hot in Fresno. Wanted a kennel to keep my doggies, Shepherd/Lab and a Queensland, cool and comfortable. Couldn’t afford to pay to have …

Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser 
This will keep your dog busy for a few minutes and is great fun! It rolls around, bounces, and best of all, it drops food or treats!!! Also fun to throw …

The best knitted tug toy ever 
This is the simplest knitted tug toy that I’ve ever made. You can make one too as long as you are willing to spend about 15 to 45 minutes knitting. My …

Denim Dog Tug Toy 
I had some old baggy jeans (a la old-school grungy hip-hop) that I matured out of and no longer used. I washed them and cut one of the legs off beneath …

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