How to Make a Cedar Dog Bed

by Kelly 

I bought zippered pillow covers and filled them with cedar shavings..careful to take out the big chunks the grinder misses…then I bought pillowcases at the thrift store for .10 cents each and slipped it over the zippered case and presto I had an instant dog bed that helps keep fleas at bay because of the cedar

All I have to do for cleaning is take the pillowcase off and wash it. I dump out the shavings once every week or so into my chicken pen and add new shavings to my zippered case and off we go again…all my rescued dogs love’s a great way to recycle the dog bed material.

I have anywhere from 8-20 rescues in and some are not house trained so these beds are perfect because I can change the filler material in a minute..I bought plenty of extra pillowcases so I can change often…ohh and my dogs are Shih Tzus and Pekingese with very long hair..the cedar also helps keep them smelling good ( like a

Editor’s note: Kelly, what a marvelously, practical idea. Bless you for taking care of so many homeless dogs!

Comments for Super Easy Cedar Dog Bed

Caution: some dogs are allergic to cedar shavings

by: Jo 

Apparently, some dogs are allergic to cedar shavings so it might be true that this would not work for all dogs inhabiting a shelter. They may be less likely to be monitored on a frequent basis compared with a dog living with someone. 

Of course, it would depend on the shelter, the number of people working or volunteering, and their expertise. And there are also many dog owners who do not have experience with dog allergies. At any rate, it sounds like it would be wise to keep an eye on your dog once you change to this type of bed. 

Symptoms could include frequent sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, or even difficulty breathing.

by: Anonymous 

I wanted to make several of these for our local shelter but read on-line that a cedar bed in an enclosed area such as a dog house could be dangerous for the animals. Have you heard this?