How to Make DIY Tough Dog Chew Toys

Making your own tough dog chew toys offers several advantages:

  • use recycled materials or upcycle them
  • experiment with your own designs
  • make multiple toys
  • test them on your dog – it’s inexpensive and fun!

Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out the ideas below, all of which were sent in by visitors to this site.

German Shepard chewing on a tough dog chew toy.

Tough Dog Chew Toys – Visitor Ideas

Bubble Chewer! by Lexi (New York, United States) 

Hi I am Lexi and I am 9 years old but all my dog does is chew chew and more chewing. Oh, and that is not the bad part – I have a 2-year old sister and she has this blanket yeah, you guessed it Max, our cute Cockapoo puppy (in the photo at top right), chewed the blanket apart!!! Oh boy was that a problem! So what I did is I took a bunch of bubble wrap and crunched that together then took duck tape and wrapped it around the bubble wrap about a week and a half a go!! He loves it!  

Comments from other visitors:
Feb 21, 2010 Thanks a lot, Lexi! I work at an animal shelter and all the dogs love these .. (Selena)
May 05, 2009 I volunteer at a local animal shelter – we made about twenty of these tough dog chew toys – they loved them – they last forever – thanks a bunch Lexi! (Anonymous) 

Tough dog chew toys: Stick Attack by Maddie (Oregon, United States) 

I took a metal bar, planted it as far as I could in the ground, really deep, making sure my dog could not pull it out.
Then I tied a rope (not chain) to the metal bar, took a tennis ball with a hole through the middle of it, and put it on the rope.
Next I tied the rope in a triple dawg knot . . . 

My dog LOVES it, plays on it for hours and hours a day, and I don’t have to take him/her to an expensive daycare anymore ! … Now when I go away I know just to close and lock the gate to my outyvard and my dog stays and plays with it. 

Some dogs may try to pull the pole out of the ground – if that’s the case, you must put something around the bar or it might hurt your dog’s teeth, but besides that … have fun with your new and easy, free dog toy ! ! ! 

Steph’s best ever big dog chew toy by Steph (Melbourne, Australia) 

Get an old strong stocking and a tennis ball.
Put the tennis ball in the stocking tie knots all the way up the stocking and you’re done.
You can either swing it around and watch your dog chase it and chew on it, or hang it from a tree for your dog to jump and grab it.
Editor’s note: If the stocking wears out, simply replace it.

Tough dog chew toys: Rubber Fluffy Pole by Jade (Australia) 

I took a good piece of rubber that wouldn’t break. I cut off the sharp edges and covered it in grey duct tape. ( I found that my dog was more interested in grey duct tape than black duct tape or green and yellow electrical tape). I took some thick fishing line and stuck a tennis ball on one end and on the other end I made some woollen streamers and stuck them on. 

IMPORTANT SAFETY MESSAGE: Watch your dog carefully when letting him/her play with this! The fishing line can become a safety hazard. Also if the fishing line wears out or gets tangled you can replace it or use a whole other good strong material if you want to, but I find that a really strong, thick fishing line works best.

Giant Knot Dog Chew Toy by Emma (Minnesota, United States) 

Time Needed: 1 to 5 minutes!

Supplies: Cloth or fabric

*Cut a strip of fabric
*Tie a knot in the middle of the strip of fabric
*Keep tying a knot until you cant anymore
*Cut off the extra fabric that isn’t in a knot
*You have made a GIANT KNOT!!! Now give it to your dog! 

Note To Dog Owners: The smaller the dog the smaller the strip for these tough dog chew toys…the larger the dog the larger the strip should be! 

Hard Sock Dog Toy by Dustin (Orlando, Florida)

Use any kind of sock, longer ones make it more fun for your dog.
Simply tie them in a tight knot, if it’s a longer sock tie it in several tight knots.
The part that gets them chewing is you soak the sock in water, not dripping but well moistened. Then stick it in the freezer until it’s rock hard.
Your dog will stay chewing for at least 45 minutes. 
Just make sure he’s got it in a suitable place for it to melt 😛 – That’s it! 

Editor’s note: Sounds like this would also be good if you soaked the sock in a little chicken or beef bouillon.

Toy breed bones out of twine by Amy (USA) 

Many of our family members have toy breeds or smaller dogs. My daughters and I bought some organic cotton twine at the local craft store, and we made mini nyla-bones out of the twine. We cut 10-15 pieces about a foot long, and tied knots at each end, then machine washed them with no detergent or softener to let the ends fray out, which helps keep the knots in. You can customize the size to suit the dog, the cost is negligible, and they are machine washable. Our toy poodle loves these tough dog chew toys!

Munch and Crunch by Sam (Brisbane, Australia)

Its called a Munch and Crunch because it has a piece of cellophane about 20 cm long in it. 

Make a tube of paper the same length as the cellophane and stuff the cellophane inside the tube. Once you’ve done this, get some strong duct tape and tape up the ends of the tube, but not too tightly. Then scrunch the middle of the tube and it should crackle. Wrap the whole thing in strong duct tape. 

If you have black duct tape, it should look like a big fat black sausage when you’re finished. Give it extra layers of duct tape for extra durability. This type of tough dog chew toys best suits big dogs because little dogs like Pomeranians don’t have a strong enough jaw to bite it hard enough so the cellophane crackles. That’s why my boxer enjoys it because when she bites it, it crackles. 

Comment from Lil in Pudsey: Hey Im going to try your ideas but I only have a 21 week old pup call murthy – he is soooo cute. I’m going to make the munch crunch but beware my pup has sharp teeth so I’ll be careful. 

Editor’s note: We trust you have learned something from all these tough dog chew toys contributions. For a photo of Sam’s Munch and Crunch, see Best Dog Chew Toy Ideas