How to Knit a Valentines Dog Sweater

Knit a doggie sweater for Valentine’s Day!

What spells out February 14 in the U.S. better than hearts and diamonds? I thought I’d play around and see what I could come up with for a small dog sweater…

The result is what you see Finnegan, a long-haired Chihuahua, modeling for us.

Below I have a link to the pattern in the form of a pdf file for you to download. However, first some basics about the sweater.

Hearts and diamonds Valentine dog sweater.

Valentines Dog Sweater

The hearts and diamonds were added using a technique called “intarsia”. Some knitters leave loops on the wrong side, but I like to weave the yarn in as I go – that way you won’t snag anything when you’re putting the sweater on and off. A good tutorial for this technique can be found at

The other skills needed to complete the sweater are pretty basic, I’d say advanced beginner. They include: casting on, knit and purl stitches, casting off, and sewing knitted seams together. 

Hearts and diamonds sweater for your doggie Valentine!

I used Red Heart 100% Acrylic Super Saver yarn for this project. I used one skein of multicolored yarn for all the hearts and diamonds – they remind me of the little candy hearts that come in boxes with sayings on them. 

My knitting gauge came to 4.5 stitches per inch with #8 knitting needles.

The final measurements on the sweater are 14″ long from the neck to tail; 10″ from behind the front legs to tail. The width around the torso just behind the front legs is 13″.

The sweater as shown is constructed of three separate panels: a center section with three different heart patterns and two knitted side pieces to go around the dog’s neck; and two side panels, each with diamond shapes. The side panels gradually widen toward the neck end of the sweater. 

Each panel is divided into two or three sections by two special rows of stitches. When the side panels are sewn to the center panel, the idea is to match up the sections.

Valentines Doggie Sweater file

This pattern and file are free for you to download. However, I would like your feedback on how well the pattern worked for you, and what improvements I could make to the instructions if any.

I’d also like to add photos of the sweater on the doggie you made it for.

Instructions on how to do the above are in the pdf. Thanks, and happy knitting!  Jo